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Grow Into The Leader You Want To Be

Have you taken up a new leadership role or moved upward?

Did your role or responsibilities change significantly?

Have you recently shifted from a corporate to a startup environment?

Did you recently make the change from owning your company to being employed?

Let me support you in your transition to become the leader you want to be.

Here are a few themes and questions my clients came to me:

“I want to experience being creative, and excitement at work. I've been working hard, hustling, building my company, raising funds, and focusing on making progress. I miss the joy part and I’d love to explore how to bring it back into my life.”


“I'm looking for help with being a better leader. I’m in an intense period at my company, dealing with investors, expanding the team and rethinking our product. I haven’t had much time to think about leadership and how am I in that lately. I’d like to reflect, set direction and be more intentional with it.”


“I was recently taking on a new leadership role and this time I’d like to be more intentional with it. I tend to overdeliver and take up a lot of responsibility - voluntarily and unconsciously - until I realize that it’s too late and I’m heading toward burnout. I want to be proactive and grow into a conscious leader, pick my battles wisely, and set myself up for success for the long haul.”

What will you gain by coaching?

✔️ Develop and grow your confidence in your leadership style

✔️ Learn to say no and establish better boundaries 

✔️ Balance your workload without burning out

✔️ Get clear on your role and act authentically 

✔️ Navigate conflicting priorities, complex cases and challenging peers

✔️ Learn to thrive and find joy and reward in what you do

✔️ Space to rumble, and consciously think about and act toward your growth 


Expand your personal and professional capacity

Executive & Manager Coaching

Coaching for CXOs and Managers with a focus on the following areas: resilience, personal development, emotional intelligence, leadership skill development, increasing self-awareness, mindfulness, non-violent communication, strategic thinking, creativity, navigating business turbulence, and change management. 

Founder Coaching

Coaching and team coaching for startup founders and co-founders with a focus on the following areas: resilience, personal development, decision-making, personal growth, increasing self-awareness, improving communication between co-founders, mental health, investor communication, and successfully navigating rapid growth and change.

Business Consulting & Facilitation

Business consulting for businesses, process improvements and process development, flowchart development, organizational development, org chart creation, and workshop and event facilitation for teams, executive teams, and managers: 

  • Creating a space for collaboration and discussion

  • Facilitating sessions and open discussions, creating an insightful experience

  • Offering feedback, improvement ideas, and driving initiatives

  • Creating and improving business processes

  • Creating flowcharts


"You don't need another coach after meeting Zsanett. She is an excellent listener supporting you with the right questions at the right time. This leads to a great session with purpose and results all while being a friendly and safe environment. I can highly recommend Zsanett as a professional coach!"

Balazs Bonda, Director of Product Management


I'm Zsanett, pronounced like Janet.

I am passionate about personal growth, transformations, and empowering the female power in business and leadership. I coach leaders, entrepreneurs, and international professionals to help them achieve ambitious growth, navigate transformational changes, and experience fulfillment in all areas of their lives. 


I believe that transformation starts within. 

I observed that organizations reflect the dynamics of a human and experienced that in order to transform an organization we need to develop the individuals in it. Leaders play a vital role in these changes. Self-awareness, personal growth, value-driven behavior, and authentic, responsible actions are reflected by the teams and overall in the whole organisation.


I also know from my own entrepreneurial and leadership experience that we cannot separate the different areas of our lives. The dynamics, triggers, and personality traits you have are the same as the ones you bring into your work as a leader, an entrepreneur, a friend, and a person.


My approach is both strategic and holistic and rooted in cultivating a strong sense of conscious presence. I put an emphasis on developing the agency, and ability to coach and empower yourself, increasing your awareness around your own resourcefulness, and becoming the conscious, present leader for yourself and others.

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"Think of your life as a house, with a bedroom for your personal life, a study for your professional life, a family room for your family, and a living room to share with your friends. Can you knock down the walls between these rooms and be the same person in each of them?"

Bill George: Authentic Leadership

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