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Be well, thrive in business, and create fulfillment in your life

I'm Zsanett [Janet], an ICF-certified coach for female leaders, entrepreneurs and international professionals. My mission is to help you thrive in what you do, be well, and live a fulfilling and joyful life. I'm passionate about working with expats and elevating women in business and life.

What makes me different from other coaches is my strategic and holistic approach: the balance between structure, measurable results and a healthy dose of spirituality.

Reinvent Yourself

The signature program for women to find direction at a crossroads, (re)gain your confidence, and make a conscious decision on what's next for you

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1-1 coaching for personal, business, and leadership growth.



Seasonal holistic group programs for your business, mind, and spirit.

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Intentional gatherings and community for holistic growth and support.

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Download A Free Resource

Unstuck yourself, shift your focus to what is possible, honor what you want, and envision what impact you want to create in the world.

The Start with Clarity Self-Coaching Workbook will stimulate your thinking, get you started on your transformational journey and give you an idea about how it would be partnering with me.

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