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Five mindful vacation tips

Sent the last email, set the out-of-office message, (almost) managed to fit into the suitcase and ready to do nothing (Nichtstun - as this amazingly appropriate German word says!), relax, enjoy the sun, sea and/or mountains, and be at ease, oder?

But wait! It seems like you forgot how to slow down. By the time you'll learn it again, the holiday is almost over. I've some mindful ideas that help you ease into your vacation.

Photo: own, Gili Islands, Indonesia

1. Play frisbee at a random place

Wherever you plan your holiday, in a busy cosmopolitan city or in the middle of the woods, you can always find a place to play some frisbee. I have an aerobi that works perfectly and it's easy to carry it in a backpack or in any bag basically as it weights less than 100 g. Take a break during sightseeing, get active while sunbathing and make some new friends by inviting others to join.

2. Walk, walk and walk

Discover the neighbourhood on foot, choose a different street than before or walk along the beach longer than you usually do it. Use your legs and use your eyes too. Stare at the facade of the buildings, get around in a hidden shop or run away from the waves again and again. Forget the pretty sandals and get a pair of comfortable running shoes - your feet will thank you for it!

Photo: own, Ericeria, Portugal

3. Cycle around

Many cities have bike-share systems. For a basic subscription it offers bikes for the public that can be borrowed from point A and returned to point B on a short term basis (usually 30 min). Most of the programs make the bikes available for longer period of time for an additional fee. In general, it is often the most inexpensive way of transportation in a city and also a reasonable option if you spend only a few days somewhere. While cycling you can discover places and beauties that are definitely out of the tourist maps.

4. Embrace the holiday with your sense

Simple and effective. Smell the rain, watch the waves, listen to the sounds around you and feel the touch of the wind on your skin. Try to catch that point where the wind ends and your skin starts. What does it feel like?

5. Visit the local library and read a page from a random book

Whenever I accidentally encountered a library, I enter. I love the smell of the books, the authenticity of the old walls and the infinite knowledge that resides there. Let your intuition guide you and pick up any book, open it and start reading. Read one page, no more. It doesn't have to be interesting, neither exiting. You won't know the rest of the story. It's for the joy of reading itself. Finish, close, slip it back to the shelf and step out to the world again.

Photo: own, LA, CA

Have a wonderful vacation!


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