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Have a Mindful Moment Before a Work Meeting or Call, Plus a Guided Practice

I start my coaching sessions with a few minutes of grounding. Breathing, tuning inward, observing, listening, and arriving. Just simply checking in, what’s going on in your body, and mind, and what your internal weather looks like.

It’s not coaching-specific. I’ve done that when I was managing teams and worked at companies. Sometimes I found it easier to follow this practice while I was a team member, one of the many. When I got higher on the latter, it became strange. In such a ‘serious' position you ask me to breathe before we start the meeting? Yet, it had a tremendous positive impact. Taking mindful breaks helps concentrate, increases focus, clears thoughts, allows ideas to surface, and sets a more relaxed tone.

Here are four ways you can introduce a mindful break before meetings and calls:

  • Do a 2-minute breathing exercise. You can use an app, or someone experienced can guide it live. If you’ve some practice, you’ll be able to do it for others, too!

  • Stay in silence and be quiet for 30-60 seconds. You can also use your time to think through the agenda, or what you want to get out of the meeting.

  • If it all sounds too odd, arrive 2 minutes early, sit up straight, and do the practice internally. It’s valuable if you’re in the meeting room already because it spreads the energy of calmness.

  • If that’s not possible, find a remote place in the corridor or the bathroom. It’s about bringing yourself into that mind state. It’ll naturally impact others.

🎧 I recorded a short practice for you to use when you’re about to begin a meeting.

It's a short mindfulness exercise that you can use before starting a meeting or a call to get grounded, set an intention, and gather your focus. Do it alone, or invite others to follow along. Enjoy!


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