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You are your own boss

You are your own boss (and you are your first employee too). How do you define what you expect from yourself? How do you track and follow up? How do you know if you're on the good track? How do you know if you need support? Start with this simple exercise and create your own job description, create your first goals and agree when you'll check back with yourself the next time.


(List 3. Be lean and simple. Remember, SMART goals!)




Key results

(How will you know you achieved it? For example: x sales calls per week / networking events per month / new contracts signed. List 3.)





Salary: _____________

Work environment: _____________

Benefits: _____________

Other: _____________


(Are you a fun person to work with? Can you take afternoon naps? Specialty coffee in the (home) office? Be creative.)



Read it out loud. Would you take this job? If not, what change would you need to say a SOUL-yes to it? Rewrite it until it feels yes.

The next checkup date


(In 3-months time, put it in your calendar and respect it. Be a good boss and take the time for your employees (yourself).)


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