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Hi, Szia, Servus!

I'm glad you've found your way here!

I'm Zsanett (with English spelling: Janet). I'm a coach, transformation guide, facilitator, and meditation teacher. I do what I'm passionate about: I help entrepreneurs, female leaders, international professionals, and businesses grow, evolve, and fulfill their potential.

I support my clients in raising their confidence, cultivating compassion towards themselves and others, increasing their capacity to live joyfully, getting clarity and creating structure amidst chaos and rapid growth, breaking down complex business problems, navigating change and transformations, facilitating deep insights, and helping find peace of mind.


My approach is strategic and holistic. I draw from twelve years of personal and professional development from various roles in the corporate and startup environment in Europe and in the US, through silent retreats in Himalayan ashrams, numerous self-discovery trips, a backpacking adventure around the globe and 15 years of extensive self-work.

I love being a coach, because I get to know amazing people. I have the pleasure to support them and see their incredible transformations as they realize their potential, own their power, and live the life they truly want!

If you resonate with this, please reach out. I'm looking forward to learning more about you, exploring your challenge, and helping you create and move toward your exciting vision!



Listen to an audio interview with me about coaching:

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How is it working with Zsanett? Read about my approach:

Experience & Qualifications

Throughout her international life and career, Zsanett lived in Berlin, Detroit metro, Budapest, and Lisbon. She also worked in London, Frankfurt, Madrid, Copenhagen, and Johannesburg. She blends fourteen years of management and business operations expertise in top-tier consulting firms, multinational corporations and startups with professional coaching training and over a decade of in-depth studies and practice in Ayurveda, meditation, mindful eating and spirituality. She backpacked in Asia and New-Zeland, and travelled to India and Bali as a solo traveller and spiritual seeker. She is a multi-passionate Vata, an ocean-lover, a joyful gardener and a passionate runner. She lives with her husband and growth partner of fifteen years in Munich.



Zsanett holds a Level 2 Coaching Certificate from the Mindfulness Coaching School, is a Certified Mindfulness, Wellness and Somatic Coach, and is an Associate Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation. She has over 400 hours of experience coaching women, leaders, founders and entrepreneurs in 1-1, team and group settings. The majority of her clients live in Europe and North America, but she coaches folks from all over the world. Besides running her private practice, she is a founder coach at Silicon Allee, the Berlin-based startup accelerator, provides high-impact digital coaching for executives and managers at EZRA, and a founder and reorientation coach at Fired Up Space. She also facilitates workshops on stress management, conscious self-care and healthy boundary setting. 

Business Transformations


Zsanett holds a Master's in Organizational Leadership and Business Communication from the Corvinus University of Budapest, and a Master's in International Management from the CEMS MIM Program. She held management and leadership roles at tech start-ups in Berlin and in Michigan, in the United States. Before her first career pivot, for six years she worked as an EMEA Transformation Lead at AIG in London, Madrid, Frankfurt and Budapest; and as a Management Consultant at KPMG and BCG. Since 2019 she's been supporting companies in organizational transformations, business operations and process optimizations on a freelance basis.    

Yoga & Meditation


Zsanett is a Yoga Alliance certified Hatha Yoga, and Relaxation and Meditation Teacher with 500+ hours of teaching experience. She started her sādhanā (daily spiritual practice) in 2012. She is also a certified DONA Doula. She's been continuing Meditation & Yoga Studies at the Himalayan Tradition, studying in the Tradition's ashrams Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama in Rishikesh and in Tarkeshwar, India. She was initiated in the Tradition by receiving a personal mantra in 2017. She has been practicing silence in daily life and attending silence retreats since 2016. She is experienced teaching Hatha, Ashtanga, Gentle, Slow Flow, and Women’s Yoga Classes, Relaxation and Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra, and Yoga Philosophy, and holding the space for silence practices. She taught regular classes in Budapest (HU), Michigan (US), Berlin (DE) and online. She is the co-founder of the Out of Office yoga retreat in Mallorca, Spain, and the creator of two well-being and office yoga programs.

Mindful Eating

Zsanett is an expert and TEDxSpeaker in Mindful Eating, a professional member of The Center for Mindful Eating, and an experienced Intuitive and Mindful Cook. She guided cooking meditation in a Thai Buddhist restaurant, learned about the spiritual meaning of cooking in Indian ashrams, and explored the community aspects of food in the mountainous region of Vietnam. She developed the Nourishing Joy program, facilitates team building cooking classes, and has been guiding thematic food gatherings and meditative dinners since 2017.

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Integrity Life flows when our inner and outer worlds are in alignment

Wisdom Every being possesses an innate wisdom that guides all life

Authenticity Wholeness comes from authentically representing who we are

"My intention is to attend to the wholeness of every person: the life of the mind, the truth of the body, and the wild mystery of the human spirit."

My story

While reading it,

From as early as I can remember I wanted to know about the purpose of life. As a child I loved creating surveys and interviewing my family members and friends. It did not fit into the traditional and conservative environment of an Eastern-European town where I was born. I've encountered strong resistance and lack of understanding. I was born the second time when I survived a suicide attempt at the age of eighteen. This was when I first became curious about why I am alive and what is my calling.

Led by a strong intention to heal trans-generational and childhood traumas and my natural curiosity, I embarked on an inner journey that lasts ever since. Whether it's cooking dinner or a falling leaf in the autumn, I seek depth and meaning even in the most ordinary things. I observe, examine and contemplate. I appreciate deep conversations and like listening to unconventional stories. 

My personal history made me a perfectionist and a high achiever. It served me well in professional life and I gained two master's degrees in business. I've been transforming corporates and startups since 2011. I also became skilled as a professional coach, a cook, yoga and meditation teacher and as a mindful eating coach. 

I found meditation and mindfulness while searching for a way to make better decisions, be happier and calm my mind after the 14-hour workdays. Consciousness expanded in my life and it transformed how I think, live, eat, and work. After practicing ashtanga yoga early morning 6x a week for eight years, I had a recurring knee injury and I got more interested in the subtle aspects of yoga and meditation. I had a strong inner calling to visit Mother India and I found my spiritual home in the Himalayan Yoga Meditation tradition and studied in their Northern Himalayan ashram multiple times.

Self-inquiry was and is my greatest agent for initiating change. Remembering the simple fact that I am neither my body, nor my mind and recalling the pure awareness of 'I am' and cultivating self-compassion are my lifelong practice. This is the reason I chose the quote that you can read on the bottom, as the motto of my work.

I learned to cook in my great-grandmother's kitchen. I started to write a gastro blog in 2009 while studying in Portugal. I setup my first business by baking cookies for my ex-colleagues after I had a burnout and quit management consulting. I learned about the energy of the ingredients while standing barefoot in a Swami's tiny kitchen corner in a Himalayan ashram. I guided cooking meditation while being a co-chef in a Buddhist restaurant in Thailand. In 2016 I talked about mindfulness around food as a tool for emotional nourishment on the TEDx-stage.


Our relationship with food and eating is vital. It reflects our relationship with life itself. Through learning how to find meaning in such an ordinary activity, we get skilled at listening to our body's needs, nourishing our heart and dealing with our hungry mind. By practicing mindful eating, we practice to live skilfully. I guide cooking classes, mindful eating workshops and meditative dinners since 2017.


In 2019 I was climbing at Mount Cook, in New Zealand. It became windy and started to rain heavily. Many returned but I felt the urge to keep on. I fought both the weather and my distorting thoughts. I reached the top and I had the insight that both literally and symbolically I have to return to the crazy valley and serve its people, but from now on with a different state of mind. During that time I was backpacking in Asia and figuring out my life. I interpreted it that I can't escape my daily duties and I need to take responsibility for my life. A few weeks later I decided to finish my trip early, moved to Berlin and soon started my studies at the Mindfulness Coaching School to get certified as a coach. I was supporting people in 1-1 processes for years by then and I felt the need to back it up with a professional qualification. The framework of coaching helped me put awareness into action and turn authentic inner desires into real-life transformations.

When I embraced all the different parts of me, I felt that I've arrived home to myself. They all belong to me: the contemplating introvert tending her garden, the driven consultant dressed in a pink suit confidently presenting on a business meeting, the coach helping incredible human beings navigate life transformations, the yogi see(k)ing God on the mat and beyond, the cook creating nourishing meals for mind, body and soul, and the mindful eating teacher guiding delicious experiences around food and eating. 

My mission is to help you on your journey toward wholeness. I meet you where you are. I help you awaken your true self, nourish deeply what matters to you and take bold moves to live fully. I hold you the space to explore what is present in you and to turn it into a source of strength. I invite you to dive into your core being, envision the impossible, act with courage and live your most authentic life.


Starting from within.

"We already have everything we need. All the time our warmth and brilliance are right here. This is who we really are. We are one blink of an eye away from being fully awake."

Pema Chödrön

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