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Partnering Toward Your Wholeness

What is the vision that excites you? Are you at a personal or professional crossroads, entering or targeting a new growth phase as an entrepreneur, a coach with 0-3 years of experience taking the next step, leveling up as a leader, or intending to deepen your spiritual practice?

How can I help you?

Find Your Path:

  • Moving toward an exciting vision: lifestyle-changes, and life transitions

  • Aligning your life with your values, bringing more authenticity into your life

  • Creating more fulfilment and balance in your life and work

  • Reorient yourself and find direction at a crossroads

  • Preparing for and navigating relocation, and settling at a new place

  • Re-entering the job market after a break or after being a business owner

  • Creating a plan and strategy for your next career move and navigate the change

  • Creating more freedom in how you live and work, changing your lifestyle

Mindful Entrepreneur:

  • Developing mental strength, burnout prevention

  • Embracing an entrepreneurial mindset

  • Navigating business decisions

  • Starting a business, or becoming freelancer in Germany

  • Creating the foundations of your business, business plan creation

  • Creating systems and process that support your and your business' sustainable growth

  • Create efficient and healthy team and co-founder dynamics

  • A safe space to land with the isolation of being an entrepreneur

Lead With Love:

  • Entering and gaining confidence in your new leadership role

  • Navigating international intra-company transfer

  • Taking up a role in a new country

  • Cultivating presence and conscious leadership

  • Embrace coaching-style leadership and increase ability to elevate people around you 

  • Lowering the risk of burnout, increasing fulfilment at work

  • Better balance between work and leisure, and creating healthy boundaries 

  • Switching from large companies to startups (or vice versa)


  • Create or build your budding coaching business

  • Experience professional coaching that you can build into your own coaching

  • Learn new coaching tools and techniques and discuss the use of them in your own work

  • Address challenges with your coaching clients and develop solutions to navigate them

  • Feel more confident in your coaching skills

  • Explore what kind of coach you want to be

  • Create and improve systems and client processes in your coaching business 

  • Navigate sales conversations with confidence and learn to bring coaching into your sales

  • Develop materials like coaching agreement, intake questionnaire, goals and feedback form

  • Preparing for ICF ACC certification

Alignment In Spirit:

  • Creating or enhancing your personal sadhana

  • Creating a personalized yoga and meditation practice supporting your current goals

  • Deepening your meditation practice (based on the Himalayan Meditation Tradition)

  • Making sense of your spiritual experiences

  • Aligning spiritual and personal growth 

  • Deepening compassion for self and others

The Coaching Partnership

Coaching is your personal space to address challenges, questions and themes that matter to you, create your action plan for change and move towards your desired future vision.

The coaching program is a container that holds you the powerful space to rumble, grow and transform. The cornerstones of a program are the coaching sessions that call you to reflect, gain insights, shift your mindset, get refreshingly new perspectives, and design your actions. The accelerating elements of a program are access to a private chat to feel supported and overcome blockages; resources, workbooks and recommendations to further expand your horizon and strengthen the transformational change; and accountability to take courageous actions. The secret sauce in a coaching partnership is the powerful energetic space that I hold you throughout the program. You can imagine it as an invisible field that allows your expand your courage, capacity and agency to explore directions, and move to the next level of your growth. 

"Our wishes are presentiments of the abilities that lie in us, harbingers of what we will be able to accomplish.” Goethe

Coaching Packages

Program Details:

Onboarding & Start Strong Form

You’ll get access to a membership page with tips, prompts and a collection of materials to be prepared & get the most out of coaching. You’ll also complete a form to deep dive into your vision and build your resources to have a strong start.

Kick-Off & Goal Setting

We’ll crystallize your goals, agree on your personalized coaching plan and define how we’ll measure your success during our work together.

Personal Dashboard, Notes & Resources

You can follow your progress on a Notion page, get notes about each call and deepening the impact by applying the selected resources and completing the personalized exercises.

Coaching Calls & Asynchronous Support

Throughout the calls you will get an empowering, energizing, emphatic, and healing space to work toward your goals. Plus, between the calls you’ll have chat access.

Appreciation Form & Celebration

The closing form is designed to help you reflect on your journey, and what you’ve achieved, and appreciate yourself for the growth you’ve had. We finish the coaching container by celebrating you and your success.



Booster: Start Strong Form, 90-min Single Session, 190 EUR

Expand: Full Program, 5 x 60-min Calls, 890 EUR

Transform: Full Program, 8 x 60-min Calls, 1390 EUR


Check-In Calls after full program: 160 EUR/hr. 

Pauline photo.jpeg

Pauline Constanze Harding
Independent Consultant, Coach
Berlin, Germany

"I struggled to find a way between my spiritual self and other parts of me. Through Zsanett's questioning and presence, I realized that I am limiting myself with ‘either-or’ thinking and that I am trying to ‘solve’ the unknown future with old mental thought patterns.


Zsanett is able to create a powerful mindset shift and I was surprised by the insights I got out of one session!

I learned to integrate multiple dimensions and perspectives into how I see reality. Thank you Zsanett!"

Client successes

Fuzy AM_edited.jpg

Annamaria Fuzy

Board Community Member at Board Owl, Former Global Director Sustainability at AB InBev,

"I was at crossroads with my career, and self-doubt started to come over me: was it a mistake that I have left my well-paid corporate job? Would I be able to find another job? If yes, where in the world? And in what field should I start trying? Just had too many options in front of me. I needed someone who I can trust they’d be able to support and take me out of my comfort zone to get the results needed.

My biggest struggle was to find my identity without my “big corporate job”. Now I have finally found the field I’d like to be active in that fulfills me with passion, and identified the long term goals I am walking towards every day.

Lu testimonial.jpeg

Product Leader for impact products
Berlin, Germ

"The coaching program was a great success for me. Professionally, I transitioned from "liquidator" of my company into a new leadership role at a company that matches my values and culture. I was able to rebuild confidence and enter the job with a clear picture of the kind of leader I want to be.


Understanding and overcoming my procrastination mechanics and adopting empowering mantras have made a significant difference. More so, I learnt so much from looking at my situation from a mindset of abundance rather than one of scarcity. I now approach life with a calm mind and try to enjoy the journey."

Download A Free Resource

Unstuck yourself, shift your focus to what is possible, honor what you want, and envision what impact you want to create in the world.

The Start with Clarity Self-Coaching Workbook will stimulate your thinking, get you started on your transformational journey and give you an idea about how it would be partnering with me.

Branch Shadow

Take your first steps in your fully authentic life

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