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"Zsanett is an amazing professional, and a highly efficient coach. Just after one session with her, I have gained more clarity about where I see myself as an interior designer. She has also given me a series of tools to reach that goal and helped me to define an action plan. Apart from helping to connect with the project on an emotional level, she gave real ideas to turn it into a successful project. Thank you!

Zsofi Nemeth.jpeg

Zsofia Nemeth
Head of People

Budapest, Hungary


"I have made a major decision of quitting at a big pharma company as a senior leader and put my own and my family’s wellbeing first. This decision also led to tough self-reflection, asking fundamental questions, doubts and in the meantime I started re-planning my professional life, opening up for new opportunities. 

I have known Zsanett for a long time now and her ow
n journey with its hardships, reinventions, and professional approach made me feel like this is what I needed right now.


Prioritizing my health, and well-being and learning completely new fields raised certain questions to address with coaching. Also old behaviors kept circling back, and the fallback phases scared me. The biggest success was taking things a bit easier on myself. Reflecting and paying attention to the complexity of situations. Also pushing forward in small steps continuously with asking myself the questions with a different tone.

Luise M Testimonial.png

Product Leader for impact products
Berlin, Germany 



"The coaching program was a great success for me. Professionally, I transitioned from "liquidator" of my company into a new leadership role at a company that matches my values and culture. I was able to rebuild confidence and enter the job with a clear picture of the kind of leader I want to be.


Understanding and overcoming my procrastination mechanics and adopting empowering mantras have made a significant difference. More so, I learnt so much from looking at my situation from a mindset of abundance rather than one of scarcity. I now approach life with a calm mind and try to enjoy the journey.

I met Zsanett in a session organised by my startup accelerator to help me work through the closure process. I immediately liked her. When she offered to continue 1:1 in a more intense coaching, I felt I could profit from someone helping me transition from closure to restart. I loved how she structured the 3 months coaching period in 3 phases (I love some structure!) that made it more tangible to me what I can learn and take out of it.

When we started working together, I was in the middle of closing my healthcare startup. I was cleaning up the financial and legal leftovers - while at the same time looking for my next career move. It was a lonely work, as I had already said goodbye to everyone working with us. I had accepted that the company must close, but I wasn't ready to really close up completely. I was missing purpose in my (professional) life, but I didn't feel inspired by the job opportunities on the market.


The coaching program has been instrumental to navigate these changes, and I'm on a path to becoming a conscious leader while nurturing a joyful life.


Maja Krizman
Founder of Collinda,
Postdam, Germany 


"I wish that I would have hired a coach earlier on my entrepreneurship journey! It would have saved me lots of headaches!

This experience accelerated my journey and helped me move forward quicker. My anxiety in private and business life is very very low now and I developed mechanisms that help me manage both areas of my life more skilfully. I recognize my feelings much faster and I understand them better which help me navigate my business and private life easily and more confidently than ever before. I was finally able to move forward in my business and have had great results: my company generated more sales, I made a shift in our business model and I am developing a new product line.

Before our work together, I felt very confused and unhappy about my business, which showed up as a lack of focus. I haven’t had satisfying results for a while, and I started doubting myself and my abilities. My company was not making me happy anymore, and I didn’t know what I should do. I was in a kind of inactive, frozen state, lacked creativity, and I barely took actions. I felt lost, overwhelmed and very anxious. I also had some personal issues that were influencing my business in an unfortunate way. Working with a coach felt like a last resort, before I would have went back working for someone else as an employee. This was an option I absolutely did not want, so I give coaching a try! :)

As I started looking for the right coach, I wished it was someone who would be able to help me "make it or break it" :-). I also wanted to work with a skilled trauma-informed coach with whom I can feel safe.


By the end of our work together, I gained absolute clarity about my business. I trust myself more and I have certainty that I can do hard and scary things!

Fuzy AM.jpeg

Annamari Fuzy
Board Community Member at Board Owl, Former Global Director Sustainability at AB InBev,

"I am grateful for you, Zsanett, to have you as my coach at such an important crossroad of my life and helping me find the right highway for me."


"My biggest insight was that if I don’t believe it that I can do it, no one else will. I can say the right words, but it will only sound authentic if I start believing in myself.


The sessions with Zsanett uncovered the dissonance between self confidence and valuing myself and my achievements & I needed to improve ASAP.

I was at crossroads with my career, and self-doubt started to come over me: was it a mistake that I have left my well-paid corporate job? Would I be able to find another job? If yes, where in the world? And in what field should I start trying? Just had too many options in front of me. I needed someone who I can trust they’d be able to support and take me out of my comfort zone to get the results needed.

My biggest struggle was to find my identity without my “big corporate job”: it was part of my personality I have used both professionally and in my private life as a crutch to lean on. What's my voice now? What next for me? I wasn’t happy in my previous job, but I wasn’t able to articulate what were the things that made me so miserable and what are the things I am really looking for? I have tried to solve for the situation myself, and asking friends, but I needed an independent third party professional to guide me on my journey.

Now I have finally found the field I’d like to be active in that fulfills me with passion, and identified the long term goals I am walking towards every day."

Eszter Sz profile photo.jpeg

Eszter Szabo
Mindfulness Teacher, Wellbeing Facilitator, Founder or Mindfulnesster


"I have moved out of my 'Golden Cage'. Now I live in my own studio which also gives home to the OneDropZen community and my mindfulness trainings that I offer. It's also a place where I can retreat if I want. At the same time, I have the freedom and luxury of being at home in multiple places and cities.

I’m the woman now, whom I wanted to be.


I feel abundant in my life. 



I finally feel that I've arrived, I'm home within.


It was an incredible journey and I grew so much that it's difficult to put into words. I am a new person now in a completely different living and working situation. A grown-up WOMAN and a businesswoman led by her heart and intuition.

Before coaching with Zsanett I was struggling with a negative self-image, self-criticism, and a sense of unworthiness. I was hiding and afraid of stepping out to the public both in my personal and professional life. I was afraid of failure - I thought it was better not to start. I was procrastinating, canceling, and rather doing something else. My biggest fear was failing and impostor syndrome: "Am I good enough to do this?". I was subconsciously sabotaging my projects and I was struggling with not having enough clients, not having income to support myself, and also not seeing clearly what I truly wanted.

Before starting coaching with Zsanett I participated in a fully funded mentor program for young entrepreneurs where I worked with a personal mentor, lots of specialists, and a support group, and yet, it did not work out.

It was an intuitive decision to start working with Zsanett, and it was an obvious choice from the very beginning. I am also confident that I can continue it on my own. I internalised my inner coach, and you taught me that!


Thank you!"

Molnar M profile photo.jpeg

Moni Molnar
Founder of
Solanter and OVN, Shiatsu Practitioner, Female Mentor, Women Yoga Therapist
Budapest, Hungary


"I highly recommend Zsanett and her integrated approach! It's truly inspirational how Zsanett combines business and spirituality, the rational mind and emotions, analytical thinking, and body awareness. 


I learned how to structure my thoughts, simplify my work, and shift from a hobby to a business owner mindset. I defined my services more clearly and I got more clients! I feel confident and I've peace of mind. I was able to integrate my spirituality and values into my business model. By daring to say no and embracing unpleasant feelings, I was able to make the changes I wanted and and I'm moving my praxis into my dream space!

Pauline photo.jpeg

Pauline Constanze Harding
Independent Consultant, Coach
Berlin, Germany


"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

I struggled to find a way between my spiritual self and other parts of me. Through Zsanett's questioning and presence, I realized that I am limiting myself with ‘either-or’ thinking and that I am trying to ‘solve’ the unknown future with old mental thought patterns.


Zsanett is able to create a powerful mindset shift and I was surprised by the insights I got out of one session!

I learned to integrate multiple dimensions and perspectives into how I see reality. Thank you Zsanett!"


Dina Deifallah
Data Scientist and Data Science Lecturer
Berlin, Germany

A very big THANK YOU for everything!"


"I still cannot quite believe it, but through my rekindled belief in myself and my abilities, I landed a job I love, with the conditions I want through negotiating. The coaching really empowered me during this process. I have also carved a freelancing coaching business besides my new job, with several clients on board already! My work life balance is also improving, as well as my mental health and energy level.

Before my coaching journey I was deep in self doubt, due to a long
three-year struggle with burnout. My biggest fear was that I wouldn't be able to regain my energy and drive for both my family life and my career. I had a deep existential crisis that clouded my ability to hope for better times.

I have done therapy before (although it did work, just not as I
expected :)), read tons of books and research, sought advice from family and friends and yet beated myself up constantly for not being where I want to be.

I met Zsanett a couple of years back and I felt a genuine admiration of how grounded she is. I also followed her on social media and I loved her approach to career challenges and life in general. It definitely aligned with my evolving views and where I hoped to be in the future. "


Mike Allen is a writer from the UK. He is a Sozopol Seminars fellow, the recipient of the Escalator Prize by the UK National Centre for Writing and the winner of the Seán O’Faoláin International Short Story Prize


"During the course of our sessions together, I met a deadline early – perhaps for the first time in my life – for which I was subsequently awarded an international writing fellowship.

I have felt my confidence grow in countless ways. I feel lighter, more capable, and my writing process itself has become more free and energetic. In short, I have moved from scared to excited. 

The insights that led to this change are numerous, but the following three have been key: to be specific when defining what it is I want to achieve, to track my progress visually, and to focus on how the deadlines I set myself are aligned with my long-term life goals. By guiding me to think about the direction of my life as a whole,

you helped me to clarify and strengthen my sense of purpose and to reconnect with my deepest desires – desires which, like the twisted limbs of the Joshua tree, are free to sprout in any given direction.

Before working with you, my biggest obstacle was committing to submitting things on time – the dreaded deadline. A writer’s life is littered with deadlines big and small, yet I had developed an uncomfortable relationship with them based on avoidance and fear. As a deadline approached, I would feel increasingly emotionally blocked, then worried, then overwhelmed.


Consequently, I did not set myself deadlines because I did not trust myself to meet them. I struggled with finishing things and setting myself realistic goals. And though I had no problem achieving this in other areas of my life, I found it near impossible to achieve them in my writing life.


I had tried on countless occasions to establish a more consistent writing routine, to set myself deadlines and meet them, but every time I felt blocked by the same unhelpful thoughts and feelings. Essentially, I had trouble developing trust in myself, and found it difficult to give myself the permission to let go and embrace uncertainty.


I could discover the capacities I needed within myself. The capacities were there all along, of course, but you helped me to recognise, own and nurture them.


Thank you, Zsanett."

Alfredo S.jpeg

Alfredo Sellitti
Sales and Marketing Manager


"I became more resilient and consistent in my daily routines. These little actions made huge improvements in my daily life! What I benefited most was learning about the process to find solutions. I had the answers, I just couldn't access them before.


I realized that when I needed to take decisions even if I knew what I should do - I was hesitant. I started to meditate and it also helps me clear up my mind from the unknown and unnecessary fear. Thank you 🙏 I wouldn’t consider it possible a few months ago."

Alfredo was looking for more fulfilment in his work while he was facing a highly challenging period in his personal life. With the help of coaching he reconsidered his career path, discovered new interests, and explored multiple professional options, and also made changes in his daily habits. As a result of the coaching process, he accepted a job offer in a new field and relocated to another city with his family.

Jonathan G.jpeg

Jonathan G.
Somatic Life Coach, Men Circle Facilitator
Arizona, United States


"Zsanett has a special talent for holding joyful, compassionate, presence. What I enjoyed most from coaching with Zsanett, is the happiness and light-heartedness that she brings to each session. I know that she will hold a strong presence while at the same time bringing ease and joy. This combination has helped me work through blocks and see the path forward.


Zsanett has also helped me start and shape my budding business with her powerful and deep questioning. Her questions bring me to a deep place of reflection and always bring me back to my higher intentions. I would recommend Zsanett as a coach to anyone that is looking to grow more mindful of their own internal experience and intentions, and to people who are looking to grow personally and professionally."

Adrienn Testimonial photo.jpeg


"Zsanett is a genuinely kind, open-hearted person. She listens with curiosity and great attention. She helped me to make sense of the things in my head, of my vision, and see that it is all possible.


She encouraged me to act daily and consistently because all these small things add up and lead me to where I want to be.
I enjoyed our coaching very much."

Adrienn G.
Breathwork Facilitator
Budapest, Hungary

Puskas Nori.jpeg


"When we started coaching, I felt stuck in my life. The coaching helped me look at opportunities rather than closed doors.


I regained my confidence, and I know that I am enough and can be proud of myself without any doubts.


It has been a pleasure to be coached by Zsanett, she created a very peaceful and trusting environment."

Nora P.
Learning Engineer, Mobility Trainer
Arizona, United States / Spain

Heidi Korpela
Career & Recruitment Coach
Berlin, Germany

"You don't need another coach after meeting Zsanett. She is an excellent listener supporting you with the right questions at the right time. This leads to a great session with purpose and results all while being a friendly and safe environment. I can highly recommend Zsanett as a professional coach!"

B. Bonda, Director of Product Management at Bridge by LTG

"I worked with Zsanett in a 3-month coaching process. We did a lot of self-digging in the beginning and I explored what motivates me. I was able to channel my thoughts and I got a framework of my thought process.


I identified how I can leverage my previous experience, and use my time wisely in this period to develop myself, learn new skills, and contribute pro-bono with my experience.


It was surprising reconnecting with my inner voice and I realized that I do know what I want and how I want it!


Thank you!"

Ankita Chopra
Brand Manager, E-Commerce, FMCG
Berlin, Germany

"I’m in a quite turbulent time of my life and I’m trying to find myself and where I belong.

Understanding my feelings was always difficult for me, but we dissected everything and I was finally able to make sense of it. I very much recommend this coaching to everyone, it felt really good to have a clear voice to help me."

Ella (Germany) was applying to a management consulting firm and wanted to cope with her anxiety and mentally prepare for the final interview. She got the job! 🎉

"Coaching with Zsanett has enabled me to experience greater clarity and confidence and to make progress on personal and professional goals. What I appreciate most about her is her ability to help find and nurture what is ready to grow in others. Zsanett brings warmth, kindness, insight and contagious enthusiasm to her practice. I left our sessions feeling replenished and well-prepared to take the next steps on my journey."

Christine (Canada) was seeking ways to ways to feel motivated and continue her rehabilitation practice during the pandemic

"After one session I'm already on a better track, I feel motivated to do things that I didn't do otherwise and the deficit mindset has shifted. I feel more fulfilled and there is a different narrative in my mind."

Marc (Berlin, Germany) works as an academic writing coach and he wanted to attract more clients and create a solid financial base in his business. He reached his financial goals after the first month.

"Zsanett's creative, intuitive approach helped me discover surprising new insights about my goals, how to move toward them, and what holds me back. Her guided meditations helped me access my own inner clarity and groundedness. Anyone discerning their purpose and path, or needing an expansive soul to hold space for courageous healing and action, would benefit from her coaching. Thank you!"

Matt (Nebraska, United States) wanted to make changes in his lifestyle and in his consulting practice. He launched his coaching practice and now works as a coach at

"Sometimes we need someone who is reflecting what is already within us in a loving and supporting way. I came to our sessions with a struggle I had in life. Somehow within an hour and after some great questions I sat there with a big smile on my face and sometimes tears in my eyes. I was able to let go my limiting beliefs and breathe freely. Thank you so much for being you and helping me to see more possibilities. I have already everything I'll ever need and I trust my own path."

Katja von Bauske (Hamburg) left her job as a flight attendant to focus on her singing career. During the coaching process, she released her second album and started to work on her next one. Find and listen to her music on her website

"Zsanett offered a nugget of wisdom that completely unblocked my writing practice, which had been stuck for several years. She also helped me create dedicated time in my calendar and ritual to get myself in the right frame of mind--all of which has lasted in sustainable change. But it was her wisdom that was the true catalyst. I probably could have gotten there myself eventually but it would likely have taken years. Instead, in 2 sessions I was back to writing and enjoying it!"

K. (United States) worked in academics and wanted to get published after a longer break to advance in her career. She published three papers since and was promoted in her job.

"During my session, I felt that I can just say what is on my mind without being judged or questioned. Zsanett is very good at creating a safe environment, whether it is in an online or an offline space. I gained confidence and reassurance and was able to empathize with myself."

Dalma (Hungary) returned to work after being a stay-at-home mom and was able to choose an option that helped her find the balance between work and family.

"The warmth, attentiveness and connection that I was able to feel through our sessions even though we are physically thousands of miles apart was amazing! You helped me effectively work through my challenges by incorporating supportive mindfulness practices into every coaching session."

Kate R. 
Hypnotist & Coach
New Jersey, United States

"Zsanett takes you on a gentle journey of curious and sometimes bold questioning which is thought provoking yet calm and natural. Her warmth and understanding of the information shared was insightful. Her ability to see beyond my thoughts and go deeper made it rewarding and fulfilling. She took me deeper in coaching than I had gone before.


She helped me reflect to observe and identify areas of my character that I hadn’t really noted before, however it was comfortable and of value to me to help me develop and grow with recognition. It felt like a gift 🎁 to myself and I would encourage anyone to take the time to gift themselves time with Zsanett."

Juliet Most
Neurodiversity Coach

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