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Focus & Nourish

This fall I invite you to dedicate intentional time to nourish what matters to you: an important project, your business, and your well-being.

Benefit from accountability, empowering professional coaching, Ayurveda, mindfulness and meditation, and a female community.

Remember: you're very welcome here as you are.

With love,




Transition into 2024 with a sense of accomplishment

Autumn Vibes

When it comes to the last months of the year, there is a tendency to either fall into the thinking "It's the end of the year, I'll get id done in January!", or it can easily be the opposite, channeling an enormous energy to get everything done before the holiday starts and you end up exhausted under the Christmas tree.


Follow the middle path

The term borrowed from Buddhist teachings refers to the state of avoiding the two extremes. Replace the 'either/or' thinking with the liberating 'and' mindset.


Be active and schedule rest. Stay focused and leave room for spontaneity. Get things down and respect the slower quality of the season.

As the seasons change, our bodies and minds shift around. Nature is letting go 🍂 and both metaphorically and literally fall is the time of slowing down, turning inward, and simplifying.

Follow the season's rhythm

Imagine having warm socks, sitting next to a fireplace, and feeling cozy. Instead of feeling exhausted and rushed, you experience a deep sense of nourishment, emotions like gratitude, joy and contentment fill your heart, and you're naturally easing into the changes of nature.

What you can expect:

✔️ Get things done

✔️ Stay accountable

✔️ Get support from others

✔️ Stay motivated

✔️ Follow clear goals

✔️ Celebrate your wins

✔️ Calm your nervous system

✔️ Experience deep rest

✔️ Experience mental freshness

What's waiting for you:

🎀 Group coaching and guided meditation/relaxation (4 x 75 min)

🎀  Online co-working hours (3 x 120 min)

🎀 A closed Telegram group

🎀 Goal setting on Mondays

🎀 Weekly review, and celebrating wins on Fridays

Who is it for?


💄 You have a project that you've been procrastinating and want to progress with it

 💄 You're self-employed or entrepreneur and need motivation and an uplifting community

💄 You are all over the place and you need structure and encouraging energy 

💄 You feel restless, exhausted, and could use the power of rest

Group call dates:

Nov. 22. Wed 6 pm CET

Nov 29. Wed 6 pm CET

Dec 6. Wed 6 pm CET

Dec 13. Wed. 6 pm CET

Virtual co-working dates:

Nov. 27. Mon 2-4 pm CET

Dec. 4. Mon 2-4 pm CET

Dec. 11. Mon 2-4 pm CET


99 EUR 

+ 19% VAT if applies


Flower Shadow

Focus & Nourish Plus 1-1 Coaching

Participate in the program and
instead of 250 EUR book an extra 1-1 coaching call for only

🤩 149 EUR

+ 19% VAT if applies

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