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Navigate changes and ambiguity
Services for companies and female leaders

Modern Design Workspace

​Is it you?

  • Is your company going through changes and facing ambiguity?

  • You know that you'd need a change but can't really tap on what really?

  • Your people feel tensed, and uncertain and would like to get direction.

  • You'd like to support them as a leader, but you're also not sure about the direction yourself.

  • New changes are coming out every week, the product launch gets postponed and you want to navigate the situation confidently, or at least know how to communicate and stay afloat?

How can I support you and your organization?

🔋 RECHARGE: Office Yoga and Wellbeing 

Office yoga and well-being sessions.

1-2 hrs. 


  • Well-Being Lunch & Learn: chair yoga, mindful eating and stress management tools and facilitated conversation to increase well-being

🧠 ALCHEMY: Attitude, Mindset and Tools

Workshops and Team/Group Coaching 

2-3 hours each

Navigating uncertainty and transitions

  • Learn about the 3 phases of transitions

  • Explore what is happening in your teams and organization when uncertainty is present

  • Learn tools and practice attitudes to increase resilience in the face of uncertainty

Stress management to cope with adversity

  • Learn the 4-step approach to be better at stress

  • Identify the things you can control and how to bring your focus on that

  • Practice mindfulness and concentration techniques for mental strength

  • Learn behavioural techniques to become more calm and regulated

Gaining clarity and creating a vision

  • Shift focus on the things that you and your teams do know, assess your untapped potential to create a strong foundation

  • Identify what resources you and your team can tap into and activate

  • Explore what solutions are available to you right now, evaluate them and define how you'll take action to achieve them

  • Create an exciting vision, define responsibilities, team setups and the organizational structure that will support it

🗣️ SHIFT: Personal Transformation

Leadership Coaching

Bi-weekly leadership coaching calls, 45 or 60-min. 3, 6 and 8 months


  • Navigate transitions: preparing for or entering a new leadership role, taking up a new role after relocation, and manage personal changes.

  • Develop coaching style leadership skills: learn to recognize and cultivate the talents of each team member, while simultaneously direct everyone toward a common goal. This approach can help build a high degree of trust between the leader and team members.

  • Increase resilience: enable and empower the key members of the team to lead with confidence, avoid burnout and increase mental strength.

I can help you if the following thoughts resonate with you: 

“I want to experience being creative, and excitement at work. I've been working hard, hustling, building the company, raising funds, and focusing on making progress. I miss the joy part and I’d love to explore how to bring it back into my life.”


“I'm looking for help with being a better leader. I’m in an intense period at my company, dealing with investors, expanding the team and rethinking our product. I haven’t had much time to think about leadership and how am I in that lately. I’d like to reflect, set direction and be more intentional with it.”


“I was recently taking on a new leadership role and this time I’d like to be more intentional with it. I tend to overdeliver and take up a lot of responsibility - voluntarily and unconsciously - until I realize that it’s too late and I’m heading toward burnout. I want to be proactive and grow into a conscious leader, pick my battles wisely, and set myself up for success for the long haul.”

What will you gain by leadership coaching?

✔️ Develop and grow your confidence in your leadership style

✔️ Learn to say no and establish better boundaries 

✔️ Balance your workload without burning out

✔️ Get clear on your role and act authentically 

✔️ Navigate conflicting priorities, complex cases and challenging peers

✔️ Learn to thrive and find joy and reward in what you do

✔️ Space to rumble, and consciously think through your actions

📈 STRUCTURE: Take the organization to the next stage 

Organizational​ development, Process improvement, Operational plan

Projects with a min. of 6-month engagement or on an interim basis

The structures influence how lasting the changes will be. What structures and processes would enable the desired change? What environment would lead the people to thrive and move toward the new reality? What systems are needed to maintain the new behaviours? What values and attitudes the leaders are embodying?

  1. What is the current state? As-Is

    1. Naming the challenges, frustration and visible pain points through assessments and questionnaires.

    2. Mapping current processes, and identifying gaps and inefficiencies through interviews and process mapping.

    3. Going deeper, and identifying the root cause through interviews with teams and decision-makers. 

  2. Where do you want to be? To-Be

    1. Goal setting: what would the organization look like in an ideal scenario? What changes are needed? Where do they want to get?

    2. Values: (re)defining values and how are they embodied by the organization and the leaders.

    3. Leadership: what attitudes the leaders are embodying and modeling. 

  3. Defining the structure, systems and implementation roadmap:

    1. Clarifying roles and responsibilities of the team members/co-founders.

    2. Defining new organizational structures, communication channels, and relations to each other. Building the foundations to thrive.

    3. Creating implementation roadmap: activating the teams and leaders, defining timelines and identifying milestones. 


"You don't need another coach after meeting Zsanett. She is an excellent listener supporting you with the right questions at the right time. This leads to a great session with purpose and results all while being a friendly and safe environment. I can highly recommend Zsanett as a professional coach!"

Balazs Bonda, Director of Product Management

Branch Shadow

"Change is not an event. It's a process."

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