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The Secret To Enjoy Work: Embrace Your Strengths

Today, I began my day by dressing up my desk with freshly cut flowers from my garden. Cultivating a garden has long been a dream of mine, and it finally became a reality last November when we moved into our new home. Living in Munich offers the unique experience of city life combined with the feel of a village. This spring, I grew over 70 tulips in my backyard garden, as a manifestation of my passion for beauty and aesthetics.

Colorful Spring Tulips
My Little Flower Farm in Full Bloom

Beauty As a Strength

Incorporating my top character strength, appreciation of beauty, not only beautifies my workspace but also intervenes in my professional activities. From designing visually appealing workbooks for clients to crafting my newsletters, I infuse beauty into every aspect of my work. I find joy in dressing up for Zoom calls, reflecting my commitment to embodying beauty in all forms.

My clients prioritize and appreciate beauty, and aesthetics play a pivotal role in their work and business. In the first three months of the year, I helped a jewelry designer launch her business, a former artist and dancer craft a new professional path, a photographer and art director build a freelance portfolio and am currently running a 6-month Female Entrepreneur Mastermind to amplify the impact of a group of business owners active on the field of mindfulness, landscape architect, peaceful parenting, interior design and yoga.

What is Your Unique Quality?

Research in Positive Psychology shows the significance of leveraging our strengths at work. By identifying and intentionally practicing your strengths, you elevate your work, deepen engagement, and amplify satisfaction.

Character strength transcends individual accomplishments; it encompasses the synthesis of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Through the application of a growth mindset, it's easy to see, that character is not a fixed trait: it can be nurtured and cultivated over time - just like a garden.

In my work with expat women, I found that knowing and applying your unique strengths is a way to make better career decisions and advancement. If you seek more satisfaction at your next career move, want to re-craft your current role or elevate your career, identify your top strengths and integrate them more consciously into your work.


Take the assessment and book a free discovery call to explore how you could apply them more intentionally in your life and work.


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