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Reinvent yourself

Be the woman
you want to be!

Is it you?

⧽ You're at a crossroads in life and you want to make a conscious decision on what's next


⧽ You've changed careers multiple times and you feel confused about what you want next


⧽ You've made a significant professional shift and starting anew feels overwhelming

⧽ You're an expat or migrant, trying to find your path and lost confidence in your professional value

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Have you lost or quit your job, closed your last business or are you finishing off a chapter?

Grieving is a natural reaction when we're letting go.
Pour this energy into intentional actions, find relief and intentionally create space for the new.

Reinvent yourself and get clarity about what you really want

Reinvent Yourself is a unique journey, designed for highly skilled, high-performing women to find a new direction in their personal and professional life, reconnect with their inner voice and boost their confidence.

In this program, you follow a clear process:


Your mind is not you. It’s your powerful software you use to create your reality.

We’ll start by establishing a safe space, helping you get grounded and create the mental and emotional space to set yourself up for success. We’ll be reviewing your work history, what beliefs you’ve about work, and creating a new foundation for your future endeavours. We do this to see what’s been holding you back, so you can intentionally let it go. As part of this exploration, you’ll meet your inner critics and deepen your connection with your powerful inner leader. You’ll also be working on aligning your life and career with your values and can learn more about what are your strengths and unique qualities, and what you want to build on.



Dream big. Dream bigger. Dream even bigger. Do the tiniest possible step now.


Here you’ll dig deeper to think about the future. You’ll examine what you think is important at work for you and why, and spend time envisioning exactly what you want and how it supports your long-term vision. You’ll expand your horizon and learn to play the game for the long-term. You’ll be crafting your own powerful and authentic story and practicing sharing it with others. You’ll also be embracing your mistakes and make a shift to look at them as gifts!


First you create your environment, then the environment creates you.

It’s time to make your dream a reality, create an environment that supports your plans and have a buy-in from the Universe. You’ll be practicing making better decisions, creating and inhabiting your own space, mastering saying NOs and choosing soul YESes, find your rhythm and embrace your feminine cycle and let the Universe in for an extra kick toward success. Finally, you’ll create a strategy, outline your next steps and have a clear plan on how to maintain your momentum.

Follow the path of courageous women and discover what is possible for you!


Hi, I'm Zsanett!

I reinvented myself several times: when I relocated from Europe to the US, when I moved back from overseas, when I left my corporate job, when I shifted to work with startups, when I went for a backpacking and spiritual quest in Asia, and also on my entrepreneurial journey while building my own business. 

I'm here to help you reinvent yourself, feel confident again, reconnect with your inner knowingness, and navigate the change with confidence.  

Program details

  • 3 months

  • Daily challenges, self-care prompts, and exercises (Notion board)

  • Workbooks

  • Optional: Individual coaching support (*see packages below)

Strengthen your confidence, track your progress, and take real actions. 

Ready to explore what's next for you?

Daily prompts

Daily challenges, prompts, exercises, and articles for 84 days. 

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Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 10.05.08.png

Workbooks and self-guides

Energy audit

Beliefs and mindset around work and career
Rewriting your money-beliefs

Values at work and in your personal life

Learn to say NO

Ayurveda at work

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Screenshot 2023-06-27 at 17.07.04.png
Screenshot 2023-06-27 at 17.07.20.png

“Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it,
I must listen to my life telling me who I am.

I must listen for the truths and values at the heart of my own identity,
not the standards by which I must live -


but the standards by which I cannot help
but live if I am living my own life.”

- Parker J. Palmer


"I worked with Zsanett in a 3-month coaching process. We did a lot of self-digging in the beginning and I explored what motivates me. I was able to channel my thoughts and I got a framework of my thought process.


I identified how I can leverage my previous experience, and use my time wisely in this period to develop myself, learn new skills, and contribute with my experience.


It was surprising reconnecting with my inner voice.

I realized that I do know what I want and how I want it!


Thank you!"

Ankita Chopra
Brand Manager, E-Commerce, FMCG

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