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The Nourished Leader

The Nourished Leader
Lead with love

Connect deeply to yourself and others. 

Be more human.

Bring forth your curious and intuitive nature.

Experience spontaneity. 

In the 21st century, the best leaders are those who matured into nourished leadership. Who dare to embody the nourishing feminine qualities in themselves, who learn to be compassionate, honest, and most of all human. Who are deeply in love with themselves and the world around them. Who are ready to be gentle, and truly themselves.. In that way they can evoke and bring out the real form their people, their teams and whoever they work with. They lead with love. 

We humans grow through nourishment.  

There is no leadership whatsoever.

There is only love embodied and authentic existence. 

This is what I teach you.

Work with Zsanett in a personal setting

A wide modality of meditation, spiritual practices, dharma sharing, breathwork, yoga, yoga philosophy, coaching, mindful eating, somatic work and embodied leadership. 

Navigating changes and uncertainty

Is your company going through changes and navigating lots of uncertainty?

You know that you'd need a change but can't really tap on what really?

Your people feel tensed, and uncertain and would like to get direction.

You'd like to support them as a leader, but you're also not sure about the direction yourself.

New changes are coming out every week, the product launch get postponed and you want to navigate the situation confidently, or at least know how to communicate and stay afloat?

Pillar 1: Attitude, mindset and tools

Navigating uncertainty and transitions

- What are the 3 phases of transitions?

- What is happening in teams and an organization when uncertainty is present?

- What are the tools and attitudes to increase resilience in the face of uncertainty?

Stress management in the face of adversity

- The 4-step approach to be better at stress

- Things you can control and how to bring your focus on that

- Mindfulness and concentration techniques for mental strength

- Behavioural techniques to control over situations

Gaining clarity

- What are some things that you do know and can create more clarity?

- What are the resources you and your team can rely on and activate?

- What solutions are available to you right now?

Pillar 2: Personal Transformation


Leadership coaching to enable and empower the key members of the team to lead with confidence, resilience and mental strength


- Bi-weekly leadership coaching session, 60-min in length for 6 or 8 months

- Sparring calls: 10-min calls available 1x a week

Pillar 3: Organizational stability

The environment defines how lasting the changes will be. What structures and processes would enable the desired change? What environment would lead the people to thrive and move toward the new reality?

- As-Is: mapping current processes, interviews with teams, decision-makers

- Identifying the roots case, naming the 3 biggest pain points

- To-Be: Goal setting: what would the organization look like in an ideal scenario? What changes are needed? Where do they want to get?

- Values: how are they embodied by the organization?

- Leadership: what values and attitudes the leaders are embodying and modeling? 

- Creating new org structures, communication channels, relations to each other. Building new foundations if needed to thrive.

- Implementation: activating the teams and leaders, defining chackpoints and introducing new operating models. 

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