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10 culinary places and 10 entrepreneurs in Berlin

I became an entrepreneur in Berlin, the city I've left in June and with these stories I'm celebrating my time, connections and growth there.

It’s summer time, and I was thinking about bringing some light-hearted and refreshing content for you. I also wanted to give more appreciation to West Berlin where I lived for four years. I chose to introduce 10 female entrepreneurs who I've met in Berlin through the food memories we shared while having conversations with these inspiring women.

Why food memories? Because they are powerful. They involve very basic, nonverbal, areas of the brain that can bypass your conscious awareness. The memory goes beyond the food itself to the associations you have to that memory, whether with a place or a person.

Prepare your tastebuds and let the delicious journey begin!


Katchi is the local favourite in Charlottenburg. Be prepared to wait in the line on hot (OK, warm, it’s Berlin) summer evenings, but it’s definitely worth of it! Go fancy and have your ice cream inn bubble waffles or if the store is closed, get your icy treat from their automat. This female owned business is founded by Conny Köhler.

OK, this one is not a literal foodie place but it's food for your skin and your soul! TOV Kosmetik is a Korean skin-care studio founded by Soyoun Lee, originally a professional violinist, who later owned and operated restaurants in Berlin. She decided to return to her childhood passion, become a beautician. She opened her first studio in Goethestrasse not long before the first lockdown. What a timing! She used this time to acquire new skills and develop herself further. This is when I've first met her. She moved to a bigger studio recently, developed a cool brand, her cosmetic services are high-quality and you can also buy Korean skincare products in the shop.

Brammibal was Europe’s first entirely vegan donut joint working closely with partners like Populus coffee and Twisted Nuts, other local favorites from Berlin.

The most memorable donut I had there was with Judit Osika. We shared a weekend and a Brammibal's donut together when we attended a transformative Otto Scharmer workshop about Theory-U and facilitating changes with KAOSPILOT+ Berlin and joined an Art of Hosting facilitator event last fall.

The biergarten is vibrant, the restaurant is more up-scale, than the usual Berlin places with a relaxing view over the Neuer See in Tiergarten. I liked going there for client sessions, business meetings or some inspirational focus time. This is also where I've met Maja the first time in-person after working together online for 5 months. Maja is the founder of Collinda, and you can read an interview I made with her here. Right next to the lovely Cafe, there is a quiet green field, where I taught yoga classes in Tiergarten between two lockdowns. Grateful memories.

It was my go-to breakfast place either alone, with my husband or having inspiring chats with fellow entrepreneurs. Their Schnecke is world-famous (at least Berlin-famous). These sweet sourdough rolls are available in plenty of variations, usually with one or two seasonal additions to it. The chocolate and cinnamon rolls are classic, the rhubarb during the spring, and the vegan plum during the fall are absolutely delicious, too! This is the place where you can find the best sourdough bread in Berlin if you wanna make your own avocado toast at home or just simply want enjoy it with some butter! Their Savignyplatz location is also ideal to get some work done in the morning!

This is where the monthly meetups of Silicon Allee, Berlin's Innovation Network's events take place. If you're a founder, check out BFF, the Berlin's Funder Fund - you might also be coached by me there! The meetups are great for networking, the cafe is a noisy, but free option to work. I made many connections here, one of them was Rachel Wright who became a dear friend of mine and is the founder of Celbretti, Berlin's unique event catering business.

Floor-to-ceiling windows on the top of Ku'damm, amazing coffee (obviously, Barn Coffee Roasters is one of the most known in Berlin), creamy hot chocolate during the winters and a great terrace for casual business meetings and inspirational conversations. Be aware that the best way to get there is by U-Bahn or bike. Even e-scooters are prohibited to park nearby. An entrepreneurer memory I have from here is with Miriam Robinson personal stylist and illustrator, who first helped me redefine my style when I started my entrepreneur journey in Berlin, then became a friend.

The cafe was co-founded by Marila Mari Garcia in 2015 whom you can easily see any day there. Whether baking in the back of the shop, preparing perfect cups or balancing serving guests while taking care of her kids -- she makes an impression. It was my neighbourhood cafe bar with artisan cups, home-baked goods and delicious cakes, a cozy place to work at or have a heartwarming chat. I made my first connections in the neighbourhood by once staying there after opening hours and casually drinking wine (that you can also buy in their curated shop with local producers) with the barista and three regulars. I had several coaching sessions there, I had my vegan tiramisu birthday cake baked by them, and they adopted some of my plants before I moved to Munich. Truly my second home.

Veggie tacos, margaritas and churros with home-made chocolate syrup. My go-to place for chatty nights with girlfriends. One night I was seeing Carolina Pomilio, the founder of Inner Oxygen there, and we both arrived in yoga pants, with messy hair and feeling overly exhausted. We laughed and agreed "This is how being an entrepreneur can look like!" You want to get all things done, while still brushing your teeth and taking care of your mental health. We laughed, ate and shared stories that gave us an enormous dose of motivation to keep on going.

Jazz bands perform nightly on a tiny stage at this intimate lounge with a vintage feel. - the Google description tells it all. Right underneath the S-Bahn, you can hear the trains while enjoying fantastic local and international jazz-artists playing right next to you. Nice memories there with Moni Molnar, this wonderful woman who does magic and helps modern women find their balance in busy, urban environments.


I hope you got a few ideas and will try some places when reading about them! Get inspired by the #femaleentrepreneur stories and enjoy the culinary scene of Berlin!

Photos: Unsplash


Zsanett Czifrus is a coach for entrepreneurial women. She helps ambitious women elevate their life and create sustainable success. She is a serial expat living in Munich, who is eager to talk and write about specialty coffee, great food and building an authentic business.


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