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Life Crafting For Expat Women

When I have a little downtime, I boost myself by reading an interesting article, reading a page from a book, listening to a few minutes from Blinkist, watering my flowers in my garden, listening to an uplifting song or a mantra, doing a few minutes of meditation or breathing exercise, writing down positive affirmations and gratitude, checking in with a friend, or quickly getting a postponed admin task done, like booking a doctor's appointment.

I found that it's easy to fall into the trap of scrolling over social media, checking Slack or responding to never-ending emails. Thus, I've a list of articles in Notion for this purpose, a playlist saved, guided practices on my phone and on Insight Timer, and a list of admin stuff that needs to be done. I set the app on the first page of my mobile screen, while on the contrary I either delete or hide social media apps in the back.

I make it easy for myself to choose options that I want to foster and strengthen my habit of following them, and create obstacles against those that I wish to do less. It's a practice, and I'm not perfect, my mind and old habits can sneak in and trick me, especially when I feel tired or am less aware. Yet, I find it a useful way to cultivate an attitude that creates more fulfillment in my life.

Today, while waiting for a call to start, I read this article about the Aussie mindset by Stephan Aarstol from a long time ago, I think from 2014. His trip Down Under inspired him to think about the concept of "live to work", instead of the other way around.

The four pleasant consequences of this attitude are:

1. You begin to live without regrets. 

2. Burnout is no longer an issue. 

3. Work will fit into your life, not vice versa. 

4. You adopt an "I can" mentality. 

I'm particularly caught by #3 which the author describes like this:

"Your job should work around your lifestyle, not control it. I identified the lifestyle I wanted, found a place that suited it, and then figured out what career to pursue there."

When working with expat women, I often find that they prioritize designing a life that fits their unique situation and working in a traditional 9-5 rarely meets their criteria. They value the possibility of spending time in their home country while continuing their work.

Expat-friendly career formats are:

↠ Starting your own business

↠ Freelancing and project-based work

↠ Portfolio career combining different income sources

↠ Flexible employment, remote work options and generous vacation policies

Life can look like hiking in the morning before getting started with work. It's my way of crafting a life I enjoy. What's yours?


I'm Zsanett. I help expat women living in Germany at a crossroads craft a life and career that matches their unique qualities and allows them to live a fulfilling and sustainable #expatlife.

If it's you and you're considering hiring a coach to support your transition, book a discovery call here. I'm excited to meet you and hear your story. Let's make beautiful new beginnings together. 🌷


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