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Finding your path in transitions

"All we need to do is to have a piece of the path to the future and that's ours and we polish that and we hone that, and we place that in the pathway that we are building; and of course as we build that pathway it changes us as the builders of the path, and it also shapes the destination that we're going to." - Dr. Noel Nannup

The next step is right ahead of you and help you finding your path in transitions
The next step is right ahead of you

Photo: wix

This quote came up today in a coaching conversation. When you're in the dark, in ambiguity and transition, all you might want to find is your next step. Don't underestimate the power of the small steps, focus on what's ahead you and trust that it will carry you forward.

What is the next tiny step towards your goal that you can do tomorrow morning at 9 am?


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