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Making a sales call from love

“If you take action from a basis of love, you make the exact same call, but do it from a different perspective. You think, “I am calling this person to let him know how much I love the work I am doing , and out of a sense of not just getting but also giving. I want to give him awareness of who I am, what I do, and offer a win/win suggestion of how we can support each other. Even if no results come from this call, I love to talk about my work, so I will just call the next person and the next. (…)

Every time you take action in regard to your practice, see if you can do it from a basis of love-love of self, love of others, love for your business, or love of the profession.”

Lynn Grodzki: Twelve months to your ideal private practice

Write your pitch from the basis of love!


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