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3 ways to build trust in yourself

When you start your business or step into a new life stage, you're tapping into the unknown and it's full of uncertainty. Circumstances change rapidly, your routines are non-existent and you long for feeling grounded. Cultivate certainty from within and learn to trust yourself.

Learn about your needs

Go deep into who you really are. Turn inward, listen to your inner voice, journal, tune into your body's wisdom and stay curious. Practice mindful eating to deepen your connection with your own needs. What are you really hungry for? Try this practice to discover the different layers of your needs.

"Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am." Parker J. Palmer

Gain confidence in your intuition

A great practice to gain confidence is walking intuitively. Go outside, stop for a moment, breathe deeply, allow the breath to flow. Become conscious of the inbreath and outbreath. Tune into your body’s sensations. The warmth, feelings of pain and pleasure and the space in the body. Bring your attention to the legs and the feet. Be receptive and open to their communication. When you feel you’re connected to them, allow the legs to begin walking in whatever direction they want to go. The mind can be really resistant and chatty at first. Acknowledge and keep following the body’s desire. Allow yourself 10 minutes at first, or even longer like 30-60 min if you gain practice and trust. Be curious and use the beginner's mind as you follow the body’s guidance. What does it feel like in your body doing this practice?

Bring it into your daily life and start applying it in your business. What decision or action your inner wisdom is suggesting? You’re about to decide which client to work with, who to reach out to or which assignment to take. Tune into your body. What feels right to pursue?

Be aware of the ego and rely on your senses

When the ego is triggered, fear appears and you feel overwhelmed. Be aware and grab the moment when it shows up. Stay with it, witness non-judgementally and embrace it with your compassionate attention. Treat yourself with kindness, awaken your genuine curiosity and acknowledge what just happened. Courageously enter the space of not knowing and invite trust. Even if it's not there yet, think about a time when you experienced positive outcomes, blessings, serendipities and situations you considered supportive coincidences. Familiarize yourself with the idea that it can and will happen again. Seek for signs, ask for reassurance and be open for new solutions that your mind cannot figure yet. Not because it's not existing, but because it's yet to be revealed. Learn to trust with other senses, not just with your eyes. Smell the change in the air, taste the flavours of confidence and listen to the sounds of certainty.

Trust is a skill. Practice it daily.


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