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Serendipity in business

Spirituality, intuition, gut feelings, mindfulness, psychology, journaling, creativity or serendipity are less conventional elements in business. How can we make the idea more mainstream that these are as equally important and valuable factors in business, as having a business plan, a marketing and brand strategy or a great network?

In coaching I make a continuous attempt to offer the experience of being at the intersection of business, personal development and self-discovery. Somatic wisdom and developing eyes to see connections beyond the egoic logic have as much to do with business decisions, as using pragmatic approaches, like the AREA method.

I had an early initiative to integrate the diverse areas of humanness when I organised the Out of office Yoga retreat back in 2018.

Human beings are multidimensional and we can only amplify our capacity if we include tools and elements that represent our wholeness: mind, body and spirit. The traditional view is seeing hierarchy between them, treating the rational mind as it was the only valid way of operating and only involving our emotions occasionally or using it to back up our thoughts.

We should embrace the idea that they're all contributing us to thrive and place emphasis on developing approaches where we think of creativity and trust as a skill that can be developed by any individual. Serendipity remains miraculous as long as we don't start observing, how can we consciously create the environment in which it is most likely to happen, i.e. until we start facilitating it.

"I do find that people, who come from professional disciplines, where serendipity and polymathy are not particularly highly rated, tend not to be as successful in starting businesses like those, who come from maybe less traditional business backgrounds but understand the benefits of community, conversation, and luck of discovering things along the way. I think that’s fascinating." Jeff Taylor, Courier Magazine

4 ways to facilitate serendipity

✨ Share stories of unexpected ideas

✨ Network purposefully and surround yourself with people who are highly resourceful

✨ Go to places where you have a high chance to bump into like-minded people, peers or potential clients

✨ If you feel the calling to talk to someone, trust your gut and reach out

Serendipity is not just a random chance, it is consciously creating the circumstances where favourable encounters and supportive dynamics can happen.


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