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The feminine and the masculine in decisions vs. taking actions

Stuck in inaction or feel overwhelmed doing too much? We all have feminine and masculine energies within us. Humans are designed to have both masculine and feminine inner attributes. They have nothing to do with gender, these are qualities we all possess. When in balance, we are both able to tune into ourselves, be present, as well as plan on the long-term, and execute. The masculine energy feeds from the mind the feminine energy springs from the heart.

Photo: Unsplash

🚀 Masculine energy

is associated with taking action, doing, accomplishing, making things happen, being productive and efficient, setting and achieving goals, and having purpose and power. When masculine overflows, it leads to shifting the focus to hyper-competition, avoiding emotions, winning at all costs, stepping over others to accomplish goals, putting others down, power struggles, degrading women, ego, and a mindset of “me” vs. “them.”

🌚 The feminine energy

is about community, connection, companionship, and co-creating. It is taking advantage of being quiet, intuition, listening, feeling, inspiration, daring to be with the emotions, movement, fluidity, change, trust, and allowing yourself to be connected to yourself. When in excess, you tend to dream a lot and not move in the action phase. You change plans frequently, without finishing the project you’ve just started (any unfinished books out there?), your focus is scattered and all around, and you prefer talking over doing.

🤔 When making decisions,

connect to the feminine energy at first. What do you feel in your bones? What does your inner voice tell you? It’s usually happening in an instant, it has either a yes or a no answer, and most of the time you can feel it immediately after you hear the question. To access it, tune into your body’s clues. Do you feel comfortable when thinking about this opportunity? Do you feel the excitement about starting this project? Do you have more energy while having a conversation with this person?

👊 When it comes to execution,

it’s time to embrace the masculine attributes in yourself. Start thinking (yes!), make plans, and take the actions needed to achieve your goal. You can strengthen the masculine energy in you by signing up for a challenge or joining a competition.

Which one is stronger in you now? Which one needs to be nurtured and which one may be overflowing lately? What will you do to recreate the balance?


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