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Your best hope

Easter is a time of hope.

Both where I grew up and where I live now as an expat Christian traditions are present and Easter is celebrated. I consider myself spiritual and not religious, but I like dwelling on the deeper meaning of the holidays and creating my own versions of them. I bake challah bread, decorate an egg tree (Ostereierbaum in German), and use this time to declutter our home (#sparksjoy).

If we use the word hope, we give ourselves permission to imagine the impossible and create visions that are outside of our current reality. Let's use this special time of the year and explore an impossible dream and make it to your best hope.

The best that can happen

Think about a situation or a challenge you’ve been dealing with for a while.

What is your best hope for it?

Lean into this outcome for a moment. Visualize coming it true, feel the emotions accompanying it, and see yourself acting in this scenario. Imagine that time travel is possible and let’s take a trip into the future when it was already true. You arrive in your future and you look back to the period spent since today and that date: what has happened in between?

Write down as precisely as you can.

When were these events happening? What were the crucial moments when you did something different than before? What help did you get? How has the Universe supported your endeavors, what signs have you noticed on the way? What places have you visited that contributed to this hope becoming a reality? Once ready, take a final look at your past in the future and embark on the journey back to the present.

Now, choose a mantra, a word, or a picture that will remind you of this story. Look at what you wrote. This is going to be your roadmap.

What is the first action you’re going to do and when?

Share it in the comments to increase the likelihood of this change happening.

When you write down your intentions, there's a gap between where you are and where you want to be. The compelling need to close this gap helps you to act on your intentions.



I believe that you're ready when you're ready. You'll know exactly when it's time. This inner knowingness is rather a feeling than a thought. Whenever you have that feeling, here are three ways to change your reality:

  • Commit to being yourself, and move to the next stage in your life. Apply now for 1-1 coaching starting in Q2 or Q3.

  • Get clarity about what's next on your professional path. I'll run my Reinvent Yourself program in a group-coaching format starting in May. Book a chat if you're interested.

  • Create greater awareness of your life and take confident actions by using the Clarity workbook.


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