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Walk & Talk

Summer Special ☀️ Walking Coaching

Creativity, Clarity & Connection

When walking coaching can help you?

  • You feel stuck and your mind is going in circles

  • You're a leader, entrepreneur, founder, or creative business professional

  • You're spending much time in your head, and tend to overthink everything

  • You've screen fatigue (aka. you dread the idea of sitting in front of your computer in the morning) and often have headaches

  • You lost your creativity and feel uninspired

  • You catch yourself having negative thoughts and feel pessimistic

  • You're told to be 'critical' and 'negative' lately

  • When you have a bit of downtime, you reach for your phone and start scrolling

  • You're not interested in things that used to make you feel excited

The benefits of walking coaching:

  • It boosts creativity 💡 Researchers found that walking boosts creative inspiration by an avg. of 60 percent (not only during the walk but for additional time after the walk is over!). 

  • It increases productivity 📈 Walking promotes new connections between brain cells and improves brain-storming and problem-solving skills.

  • It recharges your mental resources 🔋 Stoics recommended walking as a form of mental training to connect with the unconscious. By changing scenery and spending time in green spaces can rejuvenate your mental resources and connect to your inner voice.

  • It reduces anxiety and stress and improves your mood 😌 By moving your body, connecting to nature, and breathing in fresh air you enhance your overall well-being.


Practical info:

All walking coaching services are available in Munich, Germany.

The summer offer is valid from June 2024.

Payments are due in advance via bank transfer or PayPal.

You can book a single session or multiple sessions. 

It can also be combined with online coaching packages, please inquire about the details.

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Green Walk

The session is held while walking in a park.

90 min coaching / 90 EUR

Possible starting points: Englisher Garden next to Pinakothek or Isarufer close to Frauenhoferstr.

Cafe Walk

The session starts in a cafe and we finish it with a walk in the neighbourhood.

90 min coaching / 90 EUR

Possible meeting points: Poppi Farmer, Henry hat Hunger

Drink is not included.

Image by Cinzia Orsina
Image by Michael Lammli

Forest Walk

The program includes a 15-minute preparatory call, and a thorough coaching workshop for one or two persons while hiking. Ideal for founders, co-founders and business partners.

3 hrs program / 490 EUR

Location: Gmund am Tegernsee

Travel is not included.

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