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Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Mentoring 

See the light

Spiritual​ Mentoring

Spiritual mentoring helps you create and adjust your sadhana (spiritual practice), interpret and integrate what comes up during your practice, and share your insights, that might sound weird or incomprehensible to those who are not on this path. 

Spiritual mentoring is on a donation basis.

Recommended energy exchange is 30 EUR/60-min session.

Here are some questions and themes that I can help you with:

  • What should I practice?

  • I had an illness and I can't seem to be practice what worked for me before. How should I adjust my practice?

  • How do I practice meditation during therapy or in a  trauma sensitive way?

  • I seem to lost my long-term practice, how do I restart it again?

  • I'm in a big life transition and I don't have that much time for practice as I had before. How can I still do that?

  • Create a daily practice for yourself: 10-min, 20-min, 45-min, 60-min or more

  • How to create a personal retreat for yourself

  • You'd like to attend a silence retreat. How do you prepare for that?

  • You're considering going for a spiritual trip to India or Bali, and have questions to plan and prepare for it.

  • You're experiencing weird things, seeing the world differently, seeing things from the subtle world. How do you integrate it into your daily life?

  • How to talk about your spiritual experience with your friends/family?

  • Your partner/spouse is not (much) interested in spirituality. How can you still live in harmony together?

“Meditation can give you that which nothing else can give you. It introduces you to yourself.”- Swami Rama

Learn the ancient teachings from the Himalayas that are timely even if you live in a vibrant city. If you're new to meditation, confused by all the techniques you've learned so far, would like to strengthen or re-establish your practice, or simply want to experience more than a meditation app, this 8-weeks course is for you.


Meditation​ Course

Meditation is the most reliable way to understand your behavior, change your habits, be less reactive, find deeper meaning in your daily life, and improve the quality of your relationships.

On the mat

Yoga & Meditation Class

Elevate your practice, evoke your feminine wisdom, experience deep systematic relaxation, and recharge yourself with Himalayan meditation.

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The classes are suitable to all levels and all bodies.

My goal is to create an environment in which you can experience the benefits of an Indian ashram while living in a vibrant city.


We start with intention setting and grounding, then gently warm up the body to release blockages in the deeper tissues that allows prana flow freely. The classes combine postures from Hatha yoga, Ashtanga, dancing meditation and mindful movement practices.


If there are only women on a class, we focus more on the female body to evoke the feminine qualities and practice techniques that support the healthy functioning of the female organs.

The physical part ends with systematic relaxation to process the benefits of the practice. Once the body is calm and relaxed, we continue with the more subtle exercises: breathing, concentration, meditation and silence. 


We close the class with mantras, a brief reading and sharing about your experience. You'll leave the class with the sense of "Everything is sooo well!" and the sweet feeling of being with your Self.


Image by Caroline Attwood

Free audios to support your practice:


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