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Lotus in Bloom

Meditation and Spiritual Coaching

How can I help you?

Together we'll create or deepen your meditation practice and help you to build a routine that supports you on the current stage of your spiritual journey. 



If you want to experience something, you have to become it. If you would like to know what gratitude is, you have to be the gratitude itself. The idea of meditation and mindfulness is not to do. It is to be and let it happen.


I've started to practice yoga in 2011 and my practice continuously evolved ever since. In the beginning, I experimented with various styles like Bikram, hot yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa, and spine yoga. Soon, I was introduced to the traditional Ashtanga vinyasa system as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and I maintained a six-days a week Mysore-style practice (individuals practice the sequence independently according to their own level and natural pace in a class at sunrise) for eight years. After having a knee injury and changing shalas when relocating multiple times, my focus turned toward the subtle practices: pranayama (breathing), mantras, chanting, silence practices and meditation. I immersed myself in yoga philosophy, and visited and studied in the Himalayan Tradition's ashrams in India, in Rishikesh and in Tarkeshwar. I also studied the art of therapeutic yoga for women: practicing hatha yoga asanas, meditation, breathing, and somatic and visual techniques with a special focus on the feminine nature and cycles. Read about how yoga influenced my coaching.

Teaching experience:

  • Creating the concept and facilitation Meditative Dinner Events and Mindful Events in the US, Hungary and Germany

  • Mindfulness Based Team Workshops for Organizations

  • Private individual and group classes in three countries and on two continents: in yoga studios and gyms, both indoor and outdoor classes.

  • Creating the concept, managing the marketing and logistics, and co-hosting a yoga and wellbeing retreat for business professionals in Mallorca, Spain.

  • Assisted hatha yoga classes in the Himalayan Yoga's Rishikesh ashram.

  • Guided meditation classes and practices online, offline, and also during my travels in South-East Asia and New Zealand.

  • Meditation and philosophy classes.

  • Developed and taught office yoga and mindfulness programs both in corporate and startup setting. 

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