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Mindful Women Club

Is it you?

  • Have started a new business and would like to stay in the flow and follow through with your actions. 

  • You've a service-based business, a side hustle or you're a freelancer.

  • May be doubting yourself, and noticing the inner saboteur popping up. "Am I going to be able to do that?"

  • Would like to prioritize your health and well-being and build a sustainable business choice for the long haul.

  • Feel alone and it's difficult to stay accountable when you don't have the structure of your days that would help you stay on track.

  • You have an infinite to-do list, yet when you sit down you don't know what to do next.  

  • Want to feel heard and listened to, not to be told what to do.

  • You don't resonate with the traditional way of building a business, and you'd like to have a gentle support to find your way and what works for you

What you'll get:

  • A facilitated group space 1x a month. You can submit your question, or theme to get help with in advance, or come and listen in and take what you need.  

  • Women circle 1x a month. We gather around food (everyone in their own convenience), do a guided mindful eating meditation, share the meal while having a heartfelt chat. At times we'll introduce our current reads to each other

  • A vibrant and safe virtual WhatsApp community. You'll be receiving prompts, inspirational reads, live messages and questions to keep you in the flow. We'll be starting each week with goal setting and finishing with accountability and celebration. Intentionally there is no FB group. Instead, we we'll be interacting on WhatsApp.

  • Virtual co-working focus times 1x a week: on Monday 1 pm - 3 pm. Arrive with a goal, we start with intention setting and you'll use the committed space to know what you're doing, achieve your goals and get sh*t done.

  • Live-streamed 45-min yoga class 1x a week: on Wednesday at 7:00 am CET to energize you mid-week. Keep your body active and flexible. Practice self-love through movement. Classes are build around a theme to move mindfully and stay intentional, based on Hatha Yoga: breathing, asanas, mantra, relaxation and meditation at the end. 

  • Meditation and sangha gatherings 1x a week: on Sunday evenings between 8 pm - 9 pm CET. Guided relaxation or meditation, silent space and Q&A. You'll be learning about the mind's functions, proper sitting posture, breathing techniques, and mantras. You'll be building up your meditation practice and creating a space where you can experience peace and that feeling of "Everything in this world is sooo right!". Audio recordings will be available for further use.


  • First month is free

  • 390 EUR for 6 months (65 EUR per month)

  • Billed every 6 months, payable in advance via bank transfer.

Extra 1-1 sessions:

  • Limited private 1-1 sessions for members. A deeply compassionate space to show up and be 💯 who you are. A solution-focused approach, to help you find your next move, your next action that brings you back into your flow, raises your confidence and gives you the feeling that "Yes, I can do that, I see that it's in me!". 

  • You can choose which type of support you need the most: coaching to feel resourceful and take action, mentoring to develop your skills and create strategy, or soul-guidance to evoke your inner wisdom and make sense of your inner experiences.

  • 1-1 sessions are 60-min in length and bookable as per availability130 EUR (incl. taxes)

Coming soon in September 2024

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