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Key Factors to Consider When Investing in Coaching

Are you considering investing in coaching at your own cost? First, 👏 kudos to you for deciding to invest in yourself, and your growth! If you've experienced the value of coaching as a company benefit, as part of a program, or through a startup accelerator, you might start thinking about continuing it privately. You know the person, you developed trust and that plays a big role in choosing your coach.

Coaching is an investment in yourself

Assess the potential of your investment:

📈 Assess the value and ROI you're hoping to get out of it. How it would contribute to you/your job/your business/your growth? Estimate the ROI, emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially to determine if it'd be a good investment for you. You can ask the coach to help with that, I do with my potential clients, too.

🧑‍💻 You have a great deal of control over the results. You're not just the investor here, but the strategist, the leader, the co-creator, and the one who implements it, too.

🧠 The risk of investing in coaching can be if you're not ready for coaching, or other areas of your life are requiring most of your energy. How can you mitigate and minimize this risk and make yourself a good material for this investment?

♻️ Assessing the value is also important during the process: if you're not satisfied with what you're experiencing throughout coaching, you should communicate it as early as possible and make the necessary adjustments in the agreement, approach, and way of working, or if that feels right, change the coach.

💸 The price itself does not determine the quality of coaching. I've had amazing coaches who charged 30 EUR/hr and helped me enormously within one session, and I also invested multiple thousands when I wasn't that satisfied and considered canceling the contract.

Questions to ask yourself when hiring a coach: 👉

- What's my goal and how the coach can help me to reach that?

- Do I need support to cope with a specific challenge or period (for example, a transition when a coaching program might be more suitable), or rather I need regular and continuous support to talk through things (hourly pricing can be better)?

- What's the period I want to engage in coaching?

- What are the potential outcomes, and benefits I will achieve with coaching? (higher salary, promotion, less stress, more balanced lifestyle, better health, happier relationship)

- What secondary benefits will I possibly get? (long-term career success, more time with family)

- What's the total amount I want and can afford to invest right now?

- What will be the cost of not investing in coaching?

- What other options/support are available for me to achieve my goal?

🚀 Be a great client, find the right coach fit, and work through the rest together!


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