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What is Coaching? Understanding the Power of Coaching

What is coaching?

Coaching is a supportive relationship. It's rather an experience than a concept. Just like you can't explain meditation to someone who's never experienced it through practice, you can't describe coaching without allowing someone to go through it. That's also the reason I invite people for a demo coaching session before we agree working together. How would you know that it works for you? You'll judge it by the impact it had on you and the transformation it creates.

Let's start with theory. The ICF, the International Coaching Federation that I'm also a member of as a certified coach, says that

"Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that supports you to maximize your personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership."

Ann-Marie McKelvey, master coach and my wonderful teacher and at the Mindfulness Coaching School says that "Coaching helps you remember how amazing you are."

In my understanding, coaching helps you develop new ways of thinking and being. It provides you with a safe and trusted space to see yourself from the meta-view, deepen your self-awareness, facilitate important conversations with yourself and challenge you to maximize your potential.

As a coach, I hold the vision you have for yourself and your life and then ask you powerful questions that enable clarity, focus, and purpose. Together in partnership, I help you design actions, create a plan for change, set goals, manage the progress and hold you accountable to follow them through.

Simply put, coaching is a facilitator for change: one insight and one action at a time.

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What is coaching? The power of coaching is transformation

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Coaching is transformational change

The moment when you get a big insight, your whole world starts to look differently. When you have a shift in your consciousness, the transformation has begun. You're already stepping into your new Self, and at this point the best you can do is to shift your attention from being scared and (over)thinking to taking (the smallest possible) action. The coach's role at this point is to help you walk through the bridge from your old Self toward the courageous new one, and hold your hand while you're raising your confidence to explore the new territory and fully embody who you're becoming.

Coaching is a transformational change through emotional, spiritual, mental and physical dimensions. It involves mind, body and spirit and if you commit to the process, your life won't be the same as before. It's also a wonderful journey to expand your reality and step into a new existence.

When you're held in a safe, and supportive nest, you become able to make things that seemed impossible before. Transformation is supported by you feeling safe where you can allow yourself to go through the change. Having a coach means that you don't have to cope with the unknown alone.

The power of coaching

The power of coaching lies in your commitment for change, the actions and level of responsibility you take, the thought-provoking coaching conversations and insightful silences and in the relationship between the coach and you.

I like to coach to a level of depth where you bring forth your innermost desires and go after them to make them a reality. I hold you the space to explore, rumble and embody who you truly are - and you might not even know what that means yet! I do it because I went both deep and wide into my own existence - psychologically, emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and geographically. When I'm asked what my approach is, I try to describe the experiences I drew from. My approach is both strategic and holistic. I work with who you are and not with what you do. I combine cognitive, creative, and somatic tools and I empower you to transform from within.

I'm continuously learning and I am also open to reassess my reality at any moment. Questioning the status quo, seeking purpose, depth and meaning have been an essential element of my interest since I was a child.

Have you ever asked yourself who you really are?

Self-inquiry was and is my greatest agent for initiating change. Remembering the simple fact that I am neither my body, nor my mind and recalling the pure awareness of 'I am' is my lifelong practice. This is the reason I chose the quote from Nisargadatta Maharaj that you as the motto of my work.

You have created them out of your own desires and fears, you deal with them. All is due to your having forgotten your own being. Having given reality to the picture on the screen, you love its people and suffer for them and seek to save them. It is just not so. You must begin with yourself. There is no other way." - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj - I am That

As a coach and transformation guide, I help you on your own journey toward wholeness. I meet you where you exactly are. I help you awaken your true self, nourish deeply what matters to you and take bold moves to live fully. I hold you the space to explore what is present in you and to turn it into a source of strength. I invite you to dive into your core being, envision the impossible, act with courage and live your most authentic life.

Starting from within.


I believe that you’re ready when you’re ready. Whenever you sense that shift in your consciousness and if what you've read resonates, reach out to me. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


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