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Design your 2023

💪 The best way to have a happy new year is to create it for yourself

How will you create a happy 2023? What will you do to make new year's wishes a reality? In today’s newsletter, I bring you ideas and questions to create your best possible new year.

📌 What is your Big Hairy Audacious Goal?

What is your Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)? A concept developed by Jim Collins and published in his book, Built to Last, BHAG is a visionary, 10-25 year compelling goal that stretches your company to achieve greatness. It’s out of reach, almost seems impossible in the present, requires you to push your boundaries and become possible if you systematically work towards it. It forces you to think big and create a plan for long-term success. Whether it’s your business or your life, creating a BHAG will help you to overcome lows, demotivation, struggles and keep on toward the visionary.

My BHAG is to live a happy, authentic and enlightening life on the Pacific oceanside with my family, coaching the most influential women in the world and building an international tribe of conscious and powerful women. It is related to my values, almost seems impossible now and makes me feel super excited when I think about it.

🛠️ Try this visualization practice to accompany your audacious goal-setting.

🔮 What is possible for you?

Reflect on 2022 to uncover your own patterns and design the ideal year for yourself with these questions:

Reflect on 2022

What were the key events for you in 2022?

What are you proud of?

What achievement did you have?

What were the key themes in the past year?

What do you want to do better?

How will you do that?

Plan for 2023

What is your word for 2023?

What is your #1 life goal for 2023?

What is your #1 work project for 2023?

What do you want to start, stop and continue doing in 2023?

What are the key themes for the new year?

How will you celebrate success?

What will you say to yourself when you will feel down?

What strength of yours will you practice and lean on the most in 2023?

🛠️ If you want more questions and exercises, download the free Yearcompass booklet.

✍️ Setting your 2023 goals

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are not just a concept that helped Google to set the right goals for its success. It can also be taken beyond business and used in your personal life and your family. Here is a simple way of setting goals in OKR way:

  1. Where do you want to be a year from now?

  2. What are your top three goals for the year?

  3. How can you break them down for quarterly goals?

  4. How will you measure their success?

  5. What are the initiatives you’ll do to reach your goals?

  6. When will you do them?

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” — Napoleon Hill.

📋 Are you setting the right goals in the right way?

Once you have the top three goals, fine-tune them with this checklist:

  • Integrity: Are these goals aligned with my values? Are these goals aligned with my long-term goal?

  • Challenging: Will these goals require me to move out of my comfort zone and challenge myself?

  • Approach Goal? Are these approach goals? (Approach goal means that it moves you toward a particular objective, rather than away from something you’re trying to avoid. For example, I want to do x, instead of I want to avoid/don’t do y.)

  • Specific: Do the goals have clear and well-defined objectives?

  • Measurable: How will I be able to see whether I’m making progress toward my goals along the way?

  • Resources: What resources or knowledge will I need to reach this goal?

  • Time-framed: Is the end date defined?

  • Focus: What do I need to say “No!” and “Yes” to in order to focus on this goal?

  • Commitment: Do I feel committed to achieving these goals?

  • Excitement: On a scale from 0-10 how excited do I feel about this goal?

  • People: Among the people around me, who will be supporters, and who will be roadblocks?

  • Accountability: How can I make myself accountable to others to maximize my commitment?

Three ways to set yourself up for success in 2023:

  • Write them down, print them out and hang them somewhere where you can see them every single day. Then do the first small step right away.

  • How to choose between projects if you’re multi-passionate? Watch Instagram live.

  • Apply for power coaching.

Stay nourished,



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