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From the Mat to the Field: How my Yoga Practice Shaped my Coaching Approach

Spirituality and yogic teachings are just as inherent part of my life, as of my coaching approach. I've started to practice yoga in 2011.

Today is #internationaldayofyoga and I'm sharing 15 things about how yoga influenced my approach as a coach:

1. I did traditional Ashtanga yoga yoga six-days a week early morning for eight years. Today my practice mostly consist of meditation and daily awareness. I often start my coaching calls with a guided meditation.

2. I’ve multiple certifications: hatha yoga teacher, relaxation and meditation teacher and mindfulness coach. Part of the reason I opted for the training of the Mindfulness Coaching School is because they add mindfulness and spirituality to the professional coaching framework.

3. Guiding meditations feels like a bliss. I helped many to get started with #meditation, including clients, like Alfredo and my husband. <3

4. Instead of planning all the details of my coaching calls and yoga classes, I prepare thoroughly, I also rely on my intuition and once it's happening I allow myself to be guided. very often I get the feedback that it was exactly what they needed.

5. My body constitution is really tight and I’m not flexible in yoga either. When I realized this, I started to explore other qualities of mine. It helped me to recognize and develop my uniqueness in the areas of compassion and meditation. When a client comes to me, I help them move their focus from what they're not that great at to what are their unique qualities and how they could nurture them and build on them.

6. I chant Sanskrit mantras while I cook or do the laundry. I know several mantras by heart. I also recommend mantras to my clients to support the coaching process.

7. I practice shorter silences at home: an hour or an evening without speaking and practicing inner stillness. You can also experience it if you join me in my programs. There is also an hour of silence on my Reinvent Yourself journey's retreat.

8. I organised and co-hosted a yoga retreat for business people in Mallorca. I'm in the process of preparing retreats for #femaleentrepreneurs. Send me a message if you're interested!

9. Silence is where I feel most confident. Whether it's a silence retreat or holding silence during a coaching session to evoke deeper insights, it feels natural to me.

10. I am passionate about yoga philosophy, and non-duality. Whenever in doubt, I open Nisargadatta Maharaj's book 'I am That', or I listen to Adyashanti's audiobook 'The end of your world". My coaching motto is a quote by Nisargadatta Maharaj's. Head to the About page to find out which one!

11. When I was in a tiny stone-built ashram in Tarkeshwar, in the forest in the Northern-Himalayas, there were no meditation rooms or any equipments (not even heating or warm water!). I hiked up to the hill, picked a rock and sat on it. Once sitting there, I had an insight that I need to return to the 'real life', the city and help its people to find their inner stillness where they live. A week later I moved to Berlin and that year I started to practice as a coach.

12. I have a personal mantra. You can only get it once and it's yours for a lifetime (or even longer). I often prepare my sessions by chanting my mantra and asking for inner guidance.

13. My practice changes with the seasons and I adjust it to my cycle. I also teach these seasonal specifics in my Reinvent Yourself program.

14. I guided mindful eating ceremonies and cooking meditation in a slow-food restaurant next to the Buddhist University in Chiang-Mai, in Detroit and also in Hungary. Join the community and experience the taste of eating meditation on our community lunches!

15. When I feel exhausted or can’t sleep, I listen to the same exact relaxation recording from my first training 8 years ago. It's also what I teach to my clients.


What role yoga and spirituality play in your life?

What is one thing you could implement to make your life more sacred?


Zsanett Czifrus is a coach for entrepreneurial women. She helps highly-skilled, ambitious women elevate their life and create sustainable success. She works with international and expat women who dare to reinvent themselves, discover new ways of being and lead a life that radiates their unique personality. Her approach is a combo of business, lifestyle and spirituality. Curious? 👁 Browse the website (hey, this is where you are already!) for current offerings, join her community, challenge your thinking with articles and get inspo-bites on social: LinkedIn, Facebook and Insta. You're very welcome here as you are. 🙌


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