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Include seasonality at work and in your business

Seasons throughout the year

When do you tend to have peaks and when is the period with less outward-facing activities at work? As a coach, I see less demand from clients in July-Agust and December-January. I first thought it was a sign of my business's downward spiral before I started to learn how to embrace it. Now I schedule other projects, personal and professional development, writing, program creation, and more rest for these periods. Just like last year in January, I'm busy with business challenges, creating new engagements, and updating my portfolio. I also do more writing, inward-focus activities and most recently, cooking classes during this time of the year.

A client of mine who is multi-passionate and works in various domains, created her seasons in a way, that she engages with different projects in the different seasons: there are months, when she's active as a landscape architect, months when she's offering her mindfulness courses, and months when she's active as a ski and sailing instructor. A beautiful way of creating a life in which she embraced the wholeness of her interests and values. 

👉 What patterns do you see for yourself and your business throughout the year? 

Seasons throughout your cycle

This one can be more relevant for those who menstruate, though you don't have to experience it physically to be able to identify changing patterns in your mood, productivity, and mental capacity throughout the month. The changing qualities in a cycle are often described by the four seasons:

🩸 Days 1-5 Bleeding, Moon Days, Menstruation ❄️ Winter

Bleeding as winter with an inward focus, great for visioning, planning and intuitive work

🌿 Days 6-13 Renewal, Follicular 🌸 Spring 

Goal setting and strategy, tasks that require mental challenges

💃 Days 14-16 Ovulation ☀️ Summer

Outward focus, the peak of energy, ideal for meetings, presentations, and events, and engaging in interactions. 

🍁 Days 14-28 Luteal 🍂 Autumn

Attention to detail amplifies, is great for wrapping up and closing projects and initiatives. 

👉 What would it look like to align your work more with your cyclical patterns?


Zsanett Czifrus is a Holistic Transformative Coach for Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and International Professionals. For similar content, subscribe to Superfood For Thought, her newsletter to inspire you to live a fulfilling life, be well, and thrive in business. 💌


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