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Lessons Learned: Navigating a Business Transition

In this blog I share about personal experience and insights on how I navigated the transition in my business from Berlin to Munich. Whether you're considering a similar move or simply looking for inspiration to adapt to change in your own entrepreneurial journey, I hope this story gives you valuable inputs and a source of motivation.

Yellow couch, laptop with words on the screen and moving boxes in the background
Working on an article while assisting movers in our old flat

Lessons learned from the transition

  1. I signed new clients right before the move. I launched my Reinvent group program and engaged several 1-1 clients. I secured a good amount of income and the next weeks were about delivering and less of selling.

  2. I reactivated my Hungarian network. It did not pay as well as the international market , there is no Euro in Hungary yet and the price level is different. Yet, I had a solid base and reputation (I lived and worked there for ten years before moving abroad) and my skills and international background represented a greater value on that market. I had the absolute honor to coach clients who had prestigious careers and I had a high appreciation toward them. Working with them felt rewarding and also gave me a very positive confirmation as a coach - something I really needed while I was just getting started and basically unknown in a new market.

  3. I actively built my network in Munich. I went to several conferences, events, I volunteered and tried myself out in different arenas. I connected new people and allowed myself to learn about the local ecosystem. It was a lot about investment.

  4. I engaged with third party platforms that managed the sales for coaching. I joined digital coaching platforms, like EZRA, and got onboarded in their coaching program. I registered a profile on Noomii, and started to use their referral system. It was a time investment in the beginning, and I am starting to see results already.

  5. I let go of elements in my business. These seemed like not working for me in Munich anymore: I concluded my offering with AVGS vouchers and left a few expat sites that were solely representing Berlin-based coaches.

  6. I built on and leveraged what was already working. I continued coaching founders at Silicon Allee, and retained two clients by renewing our engagements as I support them in the next phase of their #leadership journey.

  7. I had an effortful attempt to return to the job market and secure an additional income source. The results were devastating with all the energy, visibility and support both I put into it and received. The moment I stopped pursuing this direction (that I did not really enjoy), I started to see what I refused to notice before:

  8. Potential collaborations. I am exploring multiple exciting projects and with amazing people. With this, collaboration as a keyword for 2024 has also arrived. Usually it’s this time of the year when the word of the year reveals itself for me.

  9. I shifted my mindset to look at coaching as an industry, not just a profession. Through the platforms I got access to a broader network and support system. A powerful conversation helped me to understand that what I am truly passionate about is coaching. Not just as a profession and the fact that I love coaching, but also as an industry. What makes my eyes shine is learning about coaching tools, the business of coaching, and coach development. It made me curious how I could get involved more in this field.

What would I do differently the next time?

  1. Double down on what was working: coaching in my Hungarian network, reaching out to past clients and relaunching the group program right away.

  2. Prepare my business better financially. A transition requires energy and investment. Not just business-wise, also on the personal front. With a more stable money-cushion it causes less worry if there are some weeks or months that bring less income.

  3. Stop forcing myself to get a job and return to a position in my previous industry. I was so desperate and deep down I felt that it's not the path I wanted to pursue. I learned that I can build on my strengths and history without going back to the same shoes that I left for a reason.

These are learnings that were not so clear for me while I was going through the process. A grounding call with a friend, peer and a truly wonderful career coach Heidi Korpela helped me to articulate and summarize it today. I’m sharing it as it might be useful for you, too.

Remember: It all makes sense, even if you don’t see it at the time, you’re in it!


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