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Unstuck yourself

What to do when you only know what you don't want, but you don't know what you actually want?

This is when triangulation can help. Move to the next point where you can. Establish another reference point to gain more perspective and that will lead you forward toward CLARITY.

Movement is needed for clarity. Clarity is a result, a consequence of a series of actions and not a state of being.

When someone comes to me with the need of gaining more clarity, most of the time it means that the person needs to take action.

In a conversation yesterday a person shared with me that when she felt stuck, she moved in the direction that was available instead of where she (thought) she wanted to get so hard but couldn't. It helped her gain momentum, move out of stuckness and experience a sense of flow again.

Photo: own, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, California

"when we have clarity on our destination and direction, the tactics take care of themselves.

Clarity then, is a necessary first step to real progress toward our destination.

While we innately understand this, however, our understanding tends to lead us into the trap of waiting for clarity before attempting to move forward at all.

This is far from an efficient or useful way to gain clarity, however.

Because while clarity may be a pre-requisite for meaningful forward progress, movement is a pre-requisite for clarity."

"If we’re feeling lost or stuck, then, the most productive action we can take might be to simply pick a direction and climb the nearest hill to establish a new reference point.

It’s entirely likely—probable even—that the direction we pick won’t be the shortest or most efficient route to our ultimate destination. But if it gets us moving and helps us find clarity, it may just end up being the fastest, **even if it takes us in the entirely opposite direction from where we want to end up."

Feeling stuck? Find the tiniest next possible step you can take and do it.


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