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What trip has changed your life?

My first trip to India was seven years ago and it was a meaningful milestone of choosing myself.

I've been practicing yoga for six-seven years back then, and as surprising and spontaneous as this trip was even for me, looking back it was a natural evolution of being on the path of seeking my truth, instead of meeting society's expectations.

In 2017 I decided to move overseas and it also meant quitting my job at a big corporation. I had a few free weeks to pack everything and leave.

I saw a post by my local yoga school about a very last spot for an Indian trip leaving in a few days.

I took it as a sign.

I applied, bought the flight tickets and I was set to spend a month in an ashram.

I started to live my life from within. Make decisions that feel right in my body. Stop pleasing others. Try out new professions. Study what feels exciting. Dress more colorfully. Hug. Trust.

When I wrote the original post about it five years ago, I shared that my life feels abundant and fulfilling.

2017 marked the year when I started my career transformation. Throughout the years, I became a coach. I coached 70+ people and close to 500 hours.

I helped them build a sustainable life after coming out of burnout. Write a book and become an author. Get higher on the corporate ladder and stay authentic. Pursuing a career to give keynotes around the world, scale their startups and close businesses. Make music albums. Get jobs they wanted. Move out of the luxury loft and have a garden. Build a community around their passion.

If I could only give ONE piece of advice:

Buy the tickets. Go on that that trip. Trust the process.

If you need company along the way: I'm here.



🧳✈️ What trip has changed your life significantly and how?


Resource: Meditation

Prayers and mantras play a central role in the practice of the Himalayan Meditation Tradition. Prayer sets the tone for your day and connects you to the source of this ancient wisdom. At the Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama Ashram, in the home of the Tradition in Rishikesh, India, the community recites prayers together each morning and evening. This is a wonderful practice that can bring the sacredness of the Ashram into your home as well.

When I first returned from my pilgrimage trip from India, I was eagerly looking for this track without any success. I recorded the prayer and made it available on Insight Timer, so anyone can benefit from it around the world. This is the short version of the prayers chanted in the morning. Start by listening along and allow the mantras to bring calmness into your mind.

By practicing regularly, the mantras help purify the thoughts and emotions and naturally increase the ability to focus and concentrate.

If you'd consider traveling to India and spending time in an ashram, feel free to get in touch. Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama, the place I've been visiting and calling my spiritual home is near Rishikesh, the 'yoga capital of the world" and is a tranquil place to connect with your inner peace. 🙏


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