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Embarking on Your Coaching Journey: When Does It Really Begin?

Coaching does not start with the first session

It's rooting in the moment when the idea of getting a guide first comes to your mind. You start looking around, collect referrals, book intro calls, follow coaches on social and get a feel about who could help you. You might notice how they start appearing in your reality. One sound interesting because of their background, the other because of where they live, the third one is because you also dream of a life they already created for themselves. Ultimately it's almost like you're looking for a future version of yourself in some aspects. You want someone who you can both share something in common and makes you feel curious how life can be different from what you have now. Who can challenge you, move you out from your current thinking reality, who shows the doors toward worlds you've never dreamt about before.

Photo: Zsanett Czifrus, Parque Nacional del Teide, Canary Island

You read their blogs again if they resonate, you sign up for events, and test their words on yourself. Do they really work for you? Do you feel aligned with what you experience?

You start articulating your theme. Step by step it becomes more clear what is about to be born in you that asks for a doula, a guide and support to come to this world. What is it that you really want?

Taking the commitment can be scary, and yet, you know that you’re in. The transformation has begun. You’re already the new you helping the old one going through the bridge and walk toward your new horizons. 💫


I believe that you're ready when you're ready. You'll know exactly when it' s time. This inner knowingness is rather a feeling than a thought.

Whenever you're ready, browse through my offerings on my website or book an intro call to get started on your journey.


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