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Why not to be afraid from NOs

"Every YES comes with many NOs", meaning a path to unique opportunity often comes with many rejections. But even though being declined hurts, nobody sees the NOs on your CV. People only see what progress you have made. Whenever you hear NO, just remember it’s a small step towards getting a YES. And every YES can be life-changing. “ Marta Milkowska in an interview

“Real life people could say ‘No’. Being told ‘no’ in person will trigger fear of rejection. For safer to go online instead and hide behind computer screen. However, the reality is, if you don’t get clients from your online marketing, you are being rejected by thousands of people at a time - you just don’t notice it because it’s not as if everyone posts a ‘No thank you’ message.” Chris and Karene Lambert-Gorwyn’s book: Grow your heart centered business

In which area of your business are you afraid to receive ‘NOs’? From potential clients, mentors, business partners or someone else? Where do you hide?

What would you do differently if you decided to go for your life-changing YESes?


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