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What Happened In My Business In 2023?

I looked back on my last year and celebrated the many things that I achieved while navigating the relocation of my life, and my business and getting a new start in Munich.

I continued strengthening my business skills, this year, with sales in the focus. Professionally I benefitted from supervision and tried and trained myself in various coaching settings to expand my knowledge and toolkit. From mid-year, I got involved more with leadership coaching, both in my private praxis and through a coaching platform. It was interesting to see the parallelism between the journey I've had as a consultant and business professional and my coaching path a good ten years later. I reflected on how the ladders were following each other and I noticed some patterns. I was curious where it would lead me. Is it a learning curve that I need to break or just a natural way of evolution typical for me?

I see the evolution mentally, emotionally and spiritually and how walking on that seemingly similar spiral means a new level in this phase. We're going through the same cycles just on different levels, raising our consciousness each time again and again.

In 2024, I'm turning toward joy. My motto for 2024 and onwards is:

"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy." - Rumi

Here is a summary of my 2023:

  1. I coached more than before. I coached 14 long-term 1-1 journeys.

  2. I joined EZRA, a digital coaching platform in July as a Leadership Coach.

  3. It was the first time that I coached a team for an extended period. I supported two startup co-founders and their co-founder relationship.

  4. I launched my first group coaching program, Reinvent Yourself in May. I wrote about this journey here.

  5. I rebranded my business and started to use my name as the name of the brand. It evolved further in Q4, as I opted to use more the English spelling of my first name, Janet instead of Zsanett. I experienced lightness, ease and authenticity as I followed what felt right. Name changes are also not uncommon in transitions that I was going through myself, too.

  6. I wrapped up the year with another group coaching, the Focus & Nourish program. It was short and sweet, everyone focused on one single project to feel accomplished before 2024 kicked off. It also turned into a 6-month entrepreneur mastermind!

  7. I wrote 90 blog posts. It was the year when I got back into writing after blogging for ten years which somewhat disappeared during the pandemic years. I set myself the goal to become a thought leader and whether I'm there yet or not, I feel confident writing again.

  8. I also coached in Hungarian and created my website in Hungarian.

  9. I attended two large conferences: The Bitz & Pretzels in Munich and the WebSummit in Lisbon.

  10. I decided to start posting on LinkedIn in January 2023. It was about overcoming my fear, creating a new identity and finding my voice. I posted x times, reached x people and gained 1495 followers.

  11. I did several single accelerator sessions. Seeing the success that can come from an energy-boosting call, I am now available to book via ​Pick My Brain​.

  12. I developed myself by working with several coaches, and business mentors and participating in programs. I visited female entrepreneur groups and benefitted from sharing my journey with fellow entrepreneurs. I attended the 90-day money game with Rich Litvin, I worked with a business mentor to upgrade my packages, and later in the year, I had an amazing 1-1 coaching, Ann-Marie McKelvey. I experienced various methods of coaching: solution-focused, mindfulness, and co-active and each of them contributed to the development of my coaching style, too.

  13. In the late fall and beginning of winter my mental health asked for more attention, and I dived deeper into burnout prevention, EMDR, meditation, Ayurveda, and, deepened my knowledge in yoga, mindfulness and meditation with these specialties.

  14. When I finish a coaching process, I ask my clients to give a title to their growth journey. I'm extremely proud of each of them and thanks so much for choosing me to accelerate your life, career, and business. These are titles from this year's transformations:

I'm excited about 2024 and continuing this journey of coaching, building a business and evolving as a person, coach and entrepreneur. Here is to many more positive transformations in 2024 and onwards!


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