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Living your full-loves life

Full-loves and half-loves

Full-loves are hell-yes-es, decisions made and said out loud, actions taken, deadlines met, challenge accepted, jobs done with your whole self and true commitments.

Full-loves. A fully committed relationship when you say a big yes for the rest of your life. A place that you call home. A profession that is your true calling. Friends who feel like family. A life that you take full responsibility for.

Half-loves are people, places and parts of your life, where you settle with a solution that you don't really enjoy. That is lukewarm, that could be better but would require effort that you don't do, that don't excite you, yet comfortable to be in.

Half-loves are unfinished conversations, maybes, and laters. Decisions that you're about to make - tomorrow. Half-loves are draining your energy, Half-loves are keeping you in-between, holding you back from progressing with your life, or moving to either direction.

Creating a full-loves life requires commitment
Creating a full-loves life requires commitment

I was inspired to journal about what these mean to me by a great friend and coach-colleague, Yael. I was living in Berlin and I longed to make changes in my life. I'm always amazed by the power of clear intentions, bold and consistent actions and the support of working with skilled coaches. Within a year of making this decision, I relocated to a new city that is aligned with my values, made significant changes in my business, relationship and living situation. I made myself living my full-loves life.


What are your half-loves and what would your full-loves look like?

Whenever you need a partner to build your full-loves life, book an intro call to get started.


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