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24 Ideas To Lighten Up Your Year-End

What's on your holiday bucketlist? 🌟🎄📋

I'm in awe of being intentional. Writing a simple bucket list for any and every occasion and just letting it happen, allowing the Universe to make things for you. I write bucket lists for each season, trips, conferences, travels, holidays and much more. They help you #livewithintention and manifest the life you want in small doses.

May your holiday season be joyous, honest and real. May it nurture you, and give you the space to rest mentally, physically and emotionally. Spend time with those you want freely and dare to create the holidays on your own terms.

One bucketlist item at a time. 🌟🎄📋


Holiday bucketlist to bring joy, rest and ease into the end of your year 

  1. Bake gingerbread cookies with your girlfriends. Let your creative side play.

  2. Chant, sing and hum. Your nervous system will thank you later. 

  3. Treat yourself with a delicious massage

  4. Set an automated OOO message and log out of your work email

  5. Binge-watch a series that makes you both cry and laugh

  6. Give yourself permission to feel sad also if it happens in the midst of the holidays. Feel gloriously sad, just let it happen.

  7. Visit an exhibition in a museum and buy yourself a treat in the museum shop

  8. Eat out in a restaurant you know and order your favourite meal

  9. Meet a friend and share your secret desires with each other for 2024

  10. Make a holiday photoshoot

  11. Drop Christmas Scented Essential Oils in your diffuser

  12. Take it easy answering messages and chats, and wonder how much more energy you’ll have

  13. Cuddle, hug and touch. Oversatisfy your touch hunger, and fill up your skin tank.

  14. Sleep more, take naps, and stay in bed longer. Rest is underrated.

  15. Send a letter to your clients, customers and partners. Let them know how much you appreciate them. Keep it simple and let it come from the heart.

  16. Light candles, let them warm your soul.

  17. Assemble a jigsaw puzzle

  18. Excuse yourself kindly and be alone when you want to. Spending time with this precious human, yourself is very much sounds like X-mas

  19. Stay up late to finish reading a book in a day

  20. Find your word for 2024

  21. Say ‘I love you’ as many times as you want to your loved ones. Include yourself in it, too.

  22. Eat the cookies.

  23. Say no when you feel like: to jokes, food, family, programs, questions, and drinks.

  24. Say yes when you feel like: to cakes, hugs, rest, laughter, cry, walks, presents, and kisses.


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