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Liberate your money mindset

Money is energy. Scarcity mentally blocks energy, while contentment allows it to flow freely and to receive more.

Allow the energy to flow in your life
Allow the energy of money to flow in your life

Grasp the lack mentality

"I need to do something. I need to have something that I don't have."

On a mental level scarcity mentality limits your brain functions, negatively impacts decison-making process, affects your ability to solve problems, hold information, and reason logically. It’s the background noise your brain makes when you can’t get what you want. Focusing on something you don’t have can also take a toll on your mental and physical health. You can get “tunnel vision” when all you think about is the unmet need.

When you worry, tension is created on a mental, energetical and physical level and the body cells contract, too. Prana, the life force stops moving and the doshas become imbalanced. Doshas represents how the elements function within us. When we're in tension, feel scared and worry, we get disconnected form ourselves and our body.

The mental modes of scarcity and fear create the sense of lack and being stuck.

How are you doing?

Are you doing too much? How much movement is in your life? Think about travel, changes, motion, constantly changing priorities and people in your life. These are all contributing to excess Vata dosha, the light and active quality in Ayurveda. Vata is believed to bring together the properties of the air and ether elements. It is the life force responsible for energy and movement, and nerve impulses. The Sanskrit translation of this word is “what moves things.” Too much movement, imbalanced diet, lack of sleep, and excessive stress can cause the Vata life force to become imbalanced and amplify fear and worry in the mind.

Get the foundations right. Have enough and quality sleep, nurture yourself with fresh and healthy meals, and raise your emotional energy tank.

What beliefs and memories do you have about money?

Was there any transparency around money in your family?

What was the balance between your mother and father in terms of managing money?

Were you taught to only buy what's on sale, and looking for a deal?

Was investment scary and risky?

Was money used as an excuse for not taking steps forward in life?

For example my grandmother always had little money. There way a saying in our family that we don't even want more money because it'd not what matters in life. Rich people were considered as selfish, snobby and unhappy who lacked moral values in life. I was often told not to want to be like them.

Liberate your money mindset

Educate your self about money

Improve your knowledge, learn about finances, taxes, and hire professionals to increase your ability to understand your finances. As an entrepreneur, you can also benefit from learning about and implementing the profit first approach.

Embrace a gratitude mindset

Appreciate whatever you receive and be content with what you've achieved in your life and business. Serve your clients fully, give back to those who are earlier on their journey, and stay open for every opportunity that comes.

Focus on what you have

Keep track of incoming money, gifts, anything that you receive and coming to you. Even a small coin on the street counts! Bring your focus on what you already have.

Create a wealthy vision board

What would it look like to be really wealthy? What dreams and desires do you have? Create a wealthy vision board and allow your fantasy to flow.

Reframe your beliefs around money

Having the freedom to invest money in yourself is an energetic shift, a change of perception.

It shift your thinking from not having enough to making a long-term investment.

Spending money means that you keep participating in life. You get involved.

By choosing on what you're spending your money, you're casting a vote on what you support. The way you spend, save and invest money is a statement about your life and your values.

Allow money to move, to flow in and flow out. You must have to give it away to receive it! Whether it's money, service to others or love.

Go with the flow.


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