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How to take a quantum leap

What is a quantum leap for you?

A quantum leap is an abrupt change, a big move forward, a sudden highly significant increase, or dramatic advance. In quantum mechanics it's the discontinuous change of the state of an electron in an atom or molecule from one energy level to another.

Quantum leaps can be different for everyone: it's an impossible jump from your current situation, from where you are now.

Our capacity for making jumps increases as we experience them. The more experience we gather, the easier it will be. We learn to trust what we don't know yet and believe what we cannot see yet.

If you can draw a linear and logical path towards your goal, it's not a quantum leap. Linear thinking is the quality of the mind, and by big jumps we want to embrace a different type of growth, the expansion of our consciousness and that's beyond the mind. Be illogical. If your goal is scary and sounds impossible, and you feel deeply passionate about it, you've found a great starting point.

Quantum leap
A quantum leap is the multiplication of your life and results

Conventional vs. Unconventional way of growth

The conventional way of growth is incremental: you set a goal, create a plan and through systematically working towards it you reach it. It's what we call gradual progress one step at a time.

"Most people operate with a mindset that assumes success comes one step at a time. The unspoken but popular notion is that we must move systematically from our present level of achievement to the next. Then, the thinking goes, from that stage we can begin working toward graduating to still the next higher level in the sequence. Gradual progress. This is an unfortunate misconception, and it’s clearly reflected in the way people function. They go about, day to day, striving to make incremental gains in their performance. That’s pretty routine. That’s the pathway of conventional growth."

The unconventional way of growth is through breakthroughs. You get an insight and from that moment your life looks different. You read a book and the way you see the world changes. You talk to a person and your reality expands.

"But your life simply does not always have to operate that way. Advancing at a measured pace—step by step from where you are to a little bit better—ordinarily feels easier, more natural, and even safer. But in certain areas of your life you can just as easily think in terms of skipping levels. You can move from your present level of achievement to one that is several stages higher—directly."

What moves you?

Passion is necessary to make quantum leaps. Finding a vision that excites you deeply and touches your heart is a prerequisite. That's the reason you need to be clear about what makes you feel passionate. What moves you. What gives you goosebumps and makes you feel scared to a certain extent when you think about it. Look behind your current circumstances. Don't accept what's possible. See your grand vision as a reality that's already true.

"Quantum leaps won’t happen if you’re living life with a lukewarm heart. Passion is a very important part of the process. It fires the soul and fills the spirit, energizing your heart and mind for the quantum leap to a higher plane of performance. Passion also keeps you going when you’re hit with problems and uncertainty. But passion itself must be fueled, and you feed that flame with visions of a dream that is dramatic. The emotional intensity inside must burn hot enough to protect you against the chilling effects of doubt, uncertainty, criticism and failure. Only deep desire can generate such heat."

Embody your new reality

Once you have that, make a conscious effort to plant that seed into your body, heart and your mind - engage yourself with that vision mentally, physically, and emotionally.

"When you are involved with an image intellectually and emotionally, by law, it’s only a matter of time before it moves into form."

Mentally: write it down every day, carry it with yourself, read it out loud. Practice believing that it is your reality already and take actions based on that.

Physically: expose yourself to people, places and situations that are part of a new reality. Feel your new reality in your body, and embrace the sensations that remind you of the vision.

Emotionally: choose activities that allows you to raise your energy, feel abundant and experience higher frequency emotions, like love, gratitude, happiness, joy, excitement, and peace.

Be the light

In quantum mechanics, in quantum leaps the electrons in atoms jump randomly and instantly from one energy level to another. without occupying an intervening space. Electrons jump between energy levels by emitting or absorbing photon (aka light) that corresponds to the different energy levels. This is want you want to replicate in your own system. All living beings, including humans are made of energy, on a different density level. Rocks has high density, air has very light density. Human thoughts has even lighter density, meaning that they are very sensitive, and also can be transformed easier. Turning a certain thought into another is far more easier than transforming a rock into - well anything.

An atom absorbs photon when moves to a higher energy level. When you want to jump to a higher energy level, you need to absorb light. Light has many forms: the most simple is sunlight, there is light in the food we consume (that's the reason fresh produce grown under natural light in the Mediterranean can taste better. It also matters who and in which state of mind cooks and prepares the meal you're eating. You're literally eating light and energy.), there is light and energy in movement, the people who surround us, the information we consume and the activities we choose to do.

Keep your body healthy, strong and receptive. Eat fresh, nourishing foods prepared with care and love.

Take care of your mental energy and mental space. Be aware what are you consuming, what ideas, thoughts and information and how they will shape your reality.

Meditation, gratitude practice, sound bath, silence and spending time with loved ones has a positive impact on your emotional energy.

Be the light: practice kindness, volunteer, give back, and be in service of others.

“There is always light. If only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it.” Amanda Gorman

The process

Raise your energy + Go to uncommon places, do new things and talk to people who are different from you to get inspired + Envision and write down your goal + Be illogical + Involve passion, embodiement and emotion + Seek the light + Repeat

How to get started? Follow your bliss. Focus on what moves you. Be passionate and unapologetic about where you spend that passion.


The quotes are from Pice Pritchett

Photo: Wix


Have you experienced quantum leaps? What would be a quantum leap for you now?

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