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Niche or Not to Niche? Thriving in Coaching and Service-Based Entrepreneurship

Niching can be a constant struggle for coaches, especially for new ones. If you've ever read marketing tips, this is one of the first topics that comes up. I'm sharing six ideas to allow yourself to be more gentle and fluid around niching.

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Niche can also be a special are or skill you bring into your business

How do you find your niche? Is it necessary to have one?

"Niche until it hurts."

"Without a niche your ideal clients won't find you."

"Top 20 niches for coaches"

Have you ever read advices like these? It's been a long-time theme for me, too. I've tried different niches and I followed advises and specific processes to determine mine niche. My current interpretation is more fluid than simply having a niche.

6 tips for niching as a coach or service-based business

  1. It's an ongoing awareness and continuing conversation, between the client and the coach, and between me and myself.

  2. Niche is not something you create, or define. It's rather something that you'll find over time, as a pattern that arises as you evolve as a coach.

  3. Niche is not constant, it's changing. As you're growing, and evolving as a coach and as a person, your interests and the audience who can benefit best from your skillset, qualities and presence are adjusting naturally with these, too.

  4. You are your ideal client, therefore your niche is you. Depending on how you're defining yourself at the moment, your niche can seem slightly different, too. Niche-search is also an identity search.

  5. If you want to choose a specific niche, it doesn't really matter which one you pick. I noticed that whatever my current niche was, and the moment I put it out in the world (ideally in a written form, on social, newsletter or website), shortly after, the clients who I described and imagined started to gravitate towards me. It's the intention that attracts.

  6. The best niche is the one that you enjoy serving. It somehow contradicts with the business basics, to make some research and find out who needs your services and what the market demands. My experience is that if you start showing up as yourself, people who are looking for such type of support will get the chance to actually find you. By being authentic, you're giving others permission to do the same.

What are your thoughts on niche? What works for you? Do you have one specific, or do you prefer having a broader target audience?


Zsanett Czifrus is a Transformative Life and Business Coach, Consultant and Facilitator for Entrepreneurs, Expats and Leaders. She works with individuals and organizations to empower and support ambitious growth, create structure in complexity, find peace of mind and live a joyful life.


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