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The impact of environment over habits

Create an environment that helps you thrive naturally
Create an environment that helps you thrive naturally

Your decisions are largely influenced by what's around you

  • Your work is too far away from your desk, causing you to procrastinate on getting started.

  • The plates you eat dinner with have a wide area, so you tend to fill them up with more food than you need.

  • You browse a website and see a suggested article or video, which you become curious about and click on.

So even if you set out to complete a task with the best of intentions, it's no use if your environment dictates otherwise.

Your environment is set up to determine how you act

It serves as reference guides for you on how you act and respond. The reason behind this behavior is that you value your mental processing resources, so you try to find easier ways to navigate around your world.

To do something out of the ordinary or expend additional effort without an immediate benefit takes up a lot of your willpower. There's only so much of it you can handle before your mental energy runs out. So most of the time, you tend to choose the path of least resistance.

There’s just one way to radically change your behavior: radically change your environment. - Dr. B.J. Fogg

Design your surroundings to make good choices

If you want to work on improving your habits, take a look around yourself and see how you can make it more convenient.

Having a better option within reach makes it become the default choice.

What can you change in your environment to change a habit?


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