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10 things in Mallorca

I was vacationing in Mallorca, and I was inspired to share about my personal favourites on the island from gastronomy through local brands, beaches and soul-nourishing activities.

I have quite a history with this Balearic Island. I first visited it as a tourist, in 2018 I co-hosted a yoga retreat there (funny, that I recently found out that the website I created for the retreat is still available!) and Mallorca was our go-to getaway place during the pandemic times.

Mallorca is a typical holiday destination from Germany, on avg. about 3.4 million people fly there from Germany and give about 40% of the visitors (I’d say the rest are mostly British people!). Many of them also own real estate on the island or spend considerable amount of time escaping the grey German months and soaking up the sun. Since being a German resident in the past 4+ years, I can completely understand the rationale behind this. Plus, travel is easy, there are several flights a day helping people “commute” between multiple German cities and Mallorca.

The trips I made there allowed me to make myself familiar with the island, fall in love with its landscape and beaches, look out for the best specialty coffee shops, discover local shops and enjoy its gastronomy (there are literally 101 saved places on my Google Maps under the label ‘Mallorca’ and most of them are food!)

Here are my random picks. Enjoy!

10 things in Mallorca

  1. Farrutx: shoes, bags and accessories. Feminine, timeless, elegant and comfy. Visit their small shop on the beautiful street of Plaça del Mercat, in Palma.

  2. Mistral Coffee: specialty coffee at its best. They have low-caf (ie. low caffeine, I don’t drink much caffeine lately) and you can also get some work done. Go to their smaller location on a side street.

  3. Fika Farina: bakery, cinnamon rolls and amazing Swedish pastries in Palma.

  4. Artá Weekly Market: local produce, artisans, clothes, food and art on the East side of the island, in Artá. Every Tuesday.

  5. Sa Placeta: modern & minimalist tapas restaurant on a cute little square in Palma. Try their pickled chicken on the menu.

  6. Daica: fine dining restaurant and petit hotel in the agricultural part of the island, in Llubi. They source all their ingredients locally and through tasting their menu, you can get to know the richness and unique characteristics of each area of Mallorca. Book in advance!

  7. Jump in the waves at Cala Mesquida and then watch the seagulls hunting around for food.

  8. Rent a car and drive through the island, smell the air, pick the smaller streets and find a nice spot to watch the sunset.

  9. Wake up early in (if you’re an early bird like me) and run along the beach of Palma.

  10. Grab a pastry at Xesquet, a tiny little local bakery in Ses Salines and head to Es Trenc, the turquoise beach for a morning swim to avoid the crowd.


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