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Does everyone need a coach?

Bill Gates believes that everyone needs a coach. I believe that everyone needs a supporter who helps them become the best possible version of themselves. 🚀

Credit goes to the people on the graphic

✅ Through coaching, you can see the big picture. We all have blind spots that hold us back, and having someone point out them will shine a bright light on these blind spots.

✅ 'Oh, I know this tool!" - If you're into self-development, for sure, you've encountered tons of tools that are also used in coaching. What you likely can't have is the space and relationship with another professional to turn those tools into transformative vehicles for your growth.

✅ To grow in skill development and personal growth, being challenged triggers and accelerates the process. What matters is having the mentality that you can and would be committed to continuous growth - and having a person to challenge your existing status quo is gold in this process.

✅ With the help of the coach's outer eyes, you can clarify roles, objectives, values, and strategies. The right strategies can save you years (or more) of experimentation and struggle. You can call it a coach, consultant, or mentor - a good support will ask the right questions to expose you to beneficial expertise and strategies.

✺ What thoughts are in your mind around coaching?

✺ What are your expectations around a coach?

✺ What transformation do you wish to have?


Zsanett Czifrus is a Transformation Coach for Women. She writes about career and transformations, expat life, organizational change, building a business, holistic health, and coaching. 🔗 Website | LinkedIn | Instagram


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