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Holistic Transformational Coaching for Expat Women

Hi! I am Zsanett, an ICF-certified professional coach. I help entrepreneurial expat women make life and career transitions, start and grow their businesses, and create fulfillment in their lives through transformational coaching.


What is the vision that excites you? ✨

Are you at a personal or professional crossroads, starting or growing your business, leveling up in leadership, and wanting to feel more fulfilled in your life?

Make meaningful changes, create a new balance, have fulfilment in your life and thrive in what you do. 

Fulfilment (n): The feeling of pleasure and satisfaction because you are happy with your life

Balance (n): Being able to walk gracefully, having a mentally and emotionally stable mind 

Thrive (v): To grow, flourish and be successful. To do particularly well under specified conditions

What Happy Clients Say

"I still cannot quite believe it, but through my rekindled belief in myself and my abilities, I landed a job I love, with the conditions I want through negotiating. The coaching really empowered me during this process. I have also carved a freelancing coaching business beside my new job, with several clients on board already! My work-life balance has changed, as well as my mental health and energy level."

- Dina D. 😍 

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Superfood For Thought

Articles, resources and personal stories to help you navigate life transitions, building a business and thrive in your colorful expat life.

About Zsanett

Zsanett is a transformational coach with a mission to elevate women, and female-led businesses through self-love, self-belief and authentic actions.

She specializes in working holistically to thrive in your life, make meaningful changes, reinvent yourself, navigate career and leadership transformations, live consciously and nourish your well-being.

She believes that everything is connected and you bring the same you to a business meeting, a yoga class and in your home. She has been living and embodying this holistic approach in her life, career, relationships and business for sixteen years. She is an ICF-certified professional coach, mindfulness, wellness and somatic coach, and has studied meditation, mindful eating and yoga for fifteen years and she blends it with her management and business expertise in top-tier consulting firms, multinational corporations and startups. 

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Why coaching?

Coaching is a form of self-care. You intentionally bring your attention to what matters to you and accelerate your journey to create a life that is truly aligned with who you are.

What is possible for you?

Stimulate your thinking, get started on your transformational journey and have an idea about how it would be working together

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