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Plant Shadow

Be better at stress and build resiliency
A 5-week journey to create calm in your life

Live online program

Is it you?

  • Do you often feel stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious?

  • Do you have a heavy workload or never-ending working hours?

  • Do you struggle to maintain a work-life balance?

  • Does switching off seem almost impossible?

  • Do you wake up unrested, think too much or get irritated easily?


Make calm​ your superpower

Improve your focus and the quality of your life. Incorporate practical tools in your daily routine, take quality time with yourself and learn simple mindset shifts.


Create the foundations of a sustainable way of living and working. Learn what is the real reason you feel stressed, develop strategies to cope better, and gain a sense of control over your life.


Stress is part of human life.

Make calmness part of it too. 😌

What do you get?

  • Learn about stress and how can you deal with difficult situations

  • Be more mindful of your life and wellbeing

  • Incorporate habits and practices that allow you to rest   

  • Improve your focus and improve your productivity 

  • Develop coping strategies and increase your sense of control

  • Get out of the negative mode and shift toward a brighter mindset

  • This is also an ideal course before you get started or return to a meditation practice

Program syllabus

  1. Be aware

    1. What is stress, really?

    2. What does stress mean to you?

    3. Create awareness around stress in your work/life

  2. React

    1. Change how you react in difficult situations

    2. Increase your sense of control

    3. Shift your mindset and train your mental muscles

  3. Cope

    1. Learn mental, physical, behavioral, and emotional coping techniques

    2. Create your coping strategy

    3. Strengthen your emotional intelligence

  4. Rest

    1. Incorporate the different types of rest into your life

    2. Learn systematic relaxation techniques

  5. Sustain

    1. How can you maintain the changes?

    2. What helps you create a sustainable routine?

You'll also learn about:

A brief history of stress

Positive and negative stress

What happens in your body during stress

How your nervous system works

Cultivating growth mindset

The seven types of rest

Stress relieving foods

Journaling tips and prompts

"It takes courage to say yes to rest and play in a culture where exhaustion is seen as a status symbol."
Brene Brown

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What do you get?

Program details

  • 5 online sessions with teaching, group coaching and Q&A

  • A closed community to ask, share your experience with others and keep you motivated 

  • Questions, practices, and prompts during the week 

  • Guided breathing and relaxation recordings

  • Notes after each session 

The program details presented here are for information only.

What others experienced

“Thank you, Zsanett for your wonderful workshop on Stress management and Resilience. It felt such a calm peaceful space to really sink in and understand where the stress lies and what I can learn from it. After a busy day, it was a gift to enjoy and welcome into my life. I hope to use the tools, especially the breathing and mindfulness you are so good at teaching. Thanks again!”Juliet

“I learned the resilience in the small things. Looking at one step at a time instead of looking ahead to how far the goal still is. These tiny actions made huge improvements in my daily life!” Alfredo


“I am more mindful of how I approach work, bringing in ritual. I have some more concrete tools in terms of running my business. I overcame the fear of facing difficult emotions.” K.

“I loved the resources and tools that Zsanett shared. The notes were really helpful even a couple of weeks after the sessions. I handle situations with calm confidence and I trust myself more.” Nora

Take back control of your life:

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