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Young Businesswomen

Business Coaching for Entrepreneurial Women

Business coaching helps you gain clarity and find direction in your business, overcome feeling stuck, stop overthinking your next steps, reconnect with joy and why you've started your business at the first place, feel energized and have a partner to brainstorm, develop fresh ideas and make continuous progress. 

Being an entrepreneur can come with a lot of stress and overwhelm, especially in the beginning. I'll help you make starting and building a business feel simple and joyful. Together, we'll create structure in your business, make it authentic and and aligned with your values, and help you feel more confident in what you do. I believe that being resilient, trusting your own creativity and developing an entrepreneurial mindset are key. Be skilled in managing a business, but don't take yourself and the rules too seriously. Experiment, try out new things, embrace your errors, bounce back and learn quicker and trust that its' you who knows it best what your business needs. 

Is it you?

  • You'd like to grow and take your business to the next level

  • You'd like to bring focused attention to your business and accelerate your progress

  • You'd like to transition from employment into freelancing or self-employment or give more attention to your side hustle

  • You'd like to launch your freelancing or self-employed business in Germany

How can it help you?

  • Develop a vision for your business and create a plan for achieving your goals

  • Develop the foundations for your business: client persona, approach and services 

  • Identify your clients and describe who you will enjoy working with

  • Create simple and attractive services that you like offering

  • Define how will you communicate authentically and which channels fit best for you

  • Develop your personal brand and create your LinkedIn presence

  • Define what kind of online presence do you need (website, social media)

  • Develop confidence and overcome self-limiting beliefs 

  • Network in a way that makes you feel comfortable

  • Find greater balance between business and other areas of your life

  • Learn to sell without being 'salesy' and gain confidence in having energetic conversations with potential clients

  • Establish a positive mindset around making money and managing your finances

  • Understand your unique strengths, and how you can use them in your business (and what you should delegate)

  • Prioritize, increase your efficiency, and find your own rhythm in your business

Who is it for? You are:

  • Self-employed, small business owner or founder

  • Coach, therapist, or service-based creative entrepreneur

  • Employed who'd like to transition into self-employment or create a freelance portfolio

  • Action-taker, driven, solution-focused, accountable, fast and visual thinker, and a high-energy person who appreciates beauty and committed to follow through


  • Strategize: 190 EUR / 60 min session

  • Create your business' foundations: 890 EUR / Business Vision Assessment, Business Canvas, 5 x 60 min session. 2 months program.

  • From surviving to thriving: 1490 EUR / Business Health Assessment, From Burnout to Balance Guide, 8 x 60 min session. 1 x 90 min strategy workshop. 3 months program.

 Prices are shown without taxes. In Germany 19% tax will be added. Payments are due before the first session via bank transfer. All calls are online. Occasional in-person sessions are available in Munich. I work in English and in Hungarian. If coaching for you is funded by Agentur für Arbeit-Jobcenter in Germany, read this page.


Andrea Fórizs
Founder and Business Owner at Breathspiration, Interior Designer at AF Studio
Mallorca, Spain

"Zsanett is an amazing professional, and a highly efficient coach. Just after one session with her, I have gained more clarity of where I see myself as an interior designer. She has also given me series of tools to reach that goal and helped me to define an action plan. Apart from helping in connecting with the project on an emotional level, she gave real ideas to a turn it into a successful project. Thank you!"

Client successes


Moni Molnar

Founder of Solanter and OVN, Shiatsu Practitioner, Women Mentor, Women Yoga Therapist
Budapest, Hungary

"I highly recommend Zsanett and her integrated approach! It's truly inspirational how she combines business and spirituality, the rational mind and emotions, analytical thinking, and body awareness. 


I learned how to structure my thoughts, simplify my work, and shift from a hobby to a business owner mindset. I defined my services more clearly and I got more clients! I feel confident and I've peace of mind. I was able to integrate my spirituality and values into my business model. By daring to say no and embracing unpleasant feelings, I was able to make the changes I wanted and I'm moving my praxis to a dream space!" 

Maja profile photo.webp

Maja Krizman
Founder and Business Owner at Collinda,
Postdam, Germany 

"I wish that I would have hired a coach earlier on my entrepreneurship journey! It would have saved me lots of headaches!

This experience accelerated my journey and helped me move forward quicker. I understand my feelings better which help me navigate my business and private life easily and more confidently than ever before. I was finally able to move forward in my business and have had great results: my company generated more sales, I made a shift in our business model and I am developing a new product line."



When it comes to stategizing, fresh business owners and entrepreneurs can easily overcomplicate it that then blocks you from making progress. Especially if you're a high-achiever or tend to be a perfectionist. 

Follow this simple assessment and determine which areas are going well, which need more attention and what you can to do right away to make real progress and feel more confident.


You're an expat in Germany and want to become self-employed. Apart form figuring out all the details of your business concept, you'll be dealing with questions, like how to register yourself at Finanzamt, what to do with the taxes, or how to invoice.

In this resource guide I collected useful tips and links that will help you orient yourself in the very beginning.

Read the blog about thriving in your business


Take you and your business to the next level

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