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Nurture your creativity

Creativity is a birthright, a natural trait that is present in every human being. It needs to be nurtured, and can be fostered by being surrounded by an enabling environment. Nurture it by expressing yourself through art or by cooking this simple meal while camping!

"Everyone is potentially creative."

Says the Tikanga Maori or Maori way of living. Maoris are the indigenous NZ peoples (yes, here they out an 's' at the end of people) and they developed a very rich culture closely connected to spiritual side of life. They believe, it is the capacity to have faith, and to understand the links between people and the environment.

Maoris have certain birth rights and one of them is that everyone has a spirit that cannot be destroyed irrespectively of the body. Creativity is also something that present in everyone, one just needs to be in the enabling environment where this natural trait can evolve.

"Broadening the concept of creativity Everyone is potentially creative. An over-emphasis on rationality alone, technocratic reasoning, restrictive organizational or community structures and an over-reliance on traditional approaches can restrict or destroy this potential. All the people need to communicate their experiences, their hopes and fears, as they have always done. Precisely because the creative approach cannot be taught or commanded, it has to be nurtured wherever it appears. Creativity clearly thrives in a fostering environment. But it is also unpredictable and undefinable. - Prepez du Cueller"

The magical Milford Sound / Piopiotahi in New Zealand
The magical Milford Sound / Piopiotahi in New Zealand

Cooking while camping requires creativity

and summertime is a perfect season for camping, especially in the Alps, where I live. Using one pot, less ingredients that can be stored without a fridge or used in 1-2days. Preparation is made on the ground in close connection with nature and mother earth. Meal tastes much better after making so much effort to prepare a hot bowl of goodness in the sunset.

Delicious camping meal ready to enjoy
Delicious camping meal ready to enjoy

Photos, recipe & meal: own, while camping in New Zealand

One-pot camping meal recipe

Saute 1/3 onion, a piece of ginger and turmeric cut into tiny pieces. Add veggies, like cauliflower, bok choy, green beans, tomato, zucchini and spring onion. Season with currypowder, salt and pepper, then add water and coconut milk. When it's boiling, add wonton egg noodles and cook for another 3-5 min. Until the noodles just get right.

Please enjoy! 🍜


How can you nurture your creativity?

Through what form of art can you communicate your experiences, hopes and fear?


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