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Make it or break it - Client experience: Maja Križman

"I wish that I would have hired a coach earlier on my entrepreneurship journey!"

I love working with powerful, sensitive and purposeful women who dare to establish themselves in a new country, turn their personal interest into a business and define their own version of success. Read about the coaching journey of Maja Križman.

Photo by Maja Krizman

What was your life like before you started coaching?

Before I started looking for a coach, I felt very confused and unhappy about my business. It was several months without any success, I had a rather bad financial situation or at least this is how I was seeing it. My company was not making me happy anymore, I wasn’t feeling good about it and I didn’t know what I should do. I felt lost, overwhelmed and very anxious. I also had some personal issues that were influencing my business in an unfortunate way. Working with a coach felt like a last resort, before I would have went back working for someone else as an employee. This was an option I absolutely did not want, so I decided to give coaching a try! :)

What did you try that didn’t work?

I was pretty confused about my business, which showed up as a lack of focus. Since I have’t had any satisfying results for a while, I started doubting myself and my abilities. Before we started coaching, I was in a kind of inactive, frozen state, lacked creativity and I had not much idea about what I should do, so I barely took actions.

What made you do this investment in yourself?

Interestingly, getting a coach was a decision I have made before I’ve actually met Zsanett. As I started looking for the right person, I wished it was someone who would be able to help me "make it or break it" :-). Another important aspect was that I wanted to work with a trauma-informed coach with whom I can trust and feel safe with and is skilled to help me navigate triggering situations.

I wish that I would have hired a coach earlier on my entrepreneurship journey! It would have saved me lots of headaches! This experience accelerated my journey and helped me move forward quicker.

Where are you now?

I gained absolute clarity about my business. My anxiety in private and business life is very very low now and I developed mechanisms that help me manage both areas of my life more skilfully. I recognize my feelings much faster and I understand them better which help me navigate my business and private life easily and more confidently than ever before. I was finally able to move forward in my business and have had great results: my company generated more sales, I made a shift in our business model and I am developing a new product line. I trust myself more and I have certainty that I can do hard and scary things!


Maja is the founder of Collinda, that develops and offers beauty collagen products for women in a sustainable way. She came up with the idea after looking for beauty products for herself, but she couldn’t find the one she needed, so she decided to create it herself. Maja lives in the quiet Potsdam, near Berlin, and she loves taking long walks with her dog, Duda, may it be in the forests around Potsdam or in the Slovenian mountains in her country of origin.


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